July 1, 2016

1 Year of A Disney Obsession!

What? When did this happen?! A Disney Obsession is 1!


I absolutely cannot believe this blog has been live for a whole year! I remember when I came up with the idea and spend hours trying to get things just how I wanted them to look. I remember brainstorming posts and writing all over the place! I thought I would take a quick look back, and talk a little bit about what blogging for a year means to me! First off, remember this?

A Disney Obsession Original


I was so proud to have designed something all by myself, and now I cringe a little looking at it. I never liked the pink, and by the time the blog theme changed, I was SO READY to look at something else! And now here we are:

A Disney Obsession 2.0

It suits me so much more! I’m still in love with the “new” look, how many months later!


Thank You!!!

I really just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to YOU! My readers! I had absolutely no idea what to expect when this blog went live, and I didn’t know if I would give up, or forget about it, or just have nothing to post about! In the last year I have learned SO much about myself, and I really do enjoy sitting down at my computer each week to write a new post!

A Few Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

Looking back I really can’t believe how much I’ve grown, and the things that I learned about myself. I’ve grown to be more confident (otherwise I wouldn’t have a YouTube channel). I’ve learned how dedicated I can be (I believe I’ve only missed a single week of posting). I’ve learned that I like to be need to be organized, and I’ve learned what ways works for me! I’ve learned to look ahead and manage my time (so I’m not typing late into the night before a post goes up). And maybe the most important thing I’ve found, is my voice. I plan on talking a little more about this in an upcoming post, but I really have this blog to thank for that.


I want to hear from you!

If I could change one thing about the blog, I’d want to interact more! I want this to be a place where you can share things and talk to me! I don’t want this request to come off as me demanding anything, but my hope is to create a community! Whether it’s here on the blog or through social media, let’s keep in touch! Let me know what you like to see on the blog, because it really helps to have feedback. I really do appreciate everyone who reads what I type, and I want to give that back, and give you content that you enjoy!

If you haven’t already, make sure to enter the giveaway from Wednesday’s post! Click here to get to that post!

From the bottom of my heart I really just want to thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I have so much planned, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Cheers to the next year!





  1. Your blog has changed as you found your voice throughout the year. This is a serious commitment and I like being surprised by the many creative ideas you come up with. Maybe you could add some of your creative baking side?

    • adisneyobsession says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely try to share more of my baking with the blog! 🙂


  3. adisneyobsession says:

    Thank you Hayley! 😀

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