November 30, 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 Haul!

Hello friends! I gathered all of the things I picked up on my Walt Disney World trip to share a haul with you. Gathering things meant not using any of them for a week before I had a chance to film this for you… so let’s just say I’m happy to have got filming over with! I’m proud of myself for not going as crazy as I thought I was going to this trip, plus I still feel like I got a nice group of things! I’ve added links to everything that I could find online. Without further ado, here is my Walt Disney World haul!

Walt Disney World Haul

Chip mug– I usually pick up a new mug on my trips, and because of the number available it’s always a tough choice! This time I went with Chip for Beauty and the Beast, but I was also seriously considering a Splash Mountain one.Chip Mug


Tea- I had been keeping an eye out for this Alice in Wonderland tea set ever since BeingMommyWithStyle picked it up earlier this year. I figured I can try all the kinds they have, and then when I go back buy more of my favourite!
Tea set

Towels- As far as I know I’ve purchased a towel from Walt Disney World every time I’ve been there, so I only had to keep the tradition going! I picked out a mickey pattern one, and also a Polynesian themed one that Ethan has claimed.

Poly Towel

Mickey Towel]

Cogsworth- I just HAD to. He is so adorable, every time I see him I smile!

Cogs worth

Bath Bombs- As I mentioned in my Trip Recap we walked over to the Grand Floridian one day, and I just had to check out Basin. It’s beautiful in there! The adorable soaps are something you should definitely see for yourself! I picked up some bath bombs (I believe 5 or 6), and it was around $20 for however many you could fit in the tube. There are for sure in the tube two Mickey ones, a Satsuma one, but I can’t remember all of the others! I can’t wait to use them, and I know some of them I can break up because they are huge!

Sleeping Masks- Yes, sleeping masks, plural! I originally had one in mind that you can only get from TAG at Disney Springs and we weren’t planning on going this trip. So I found this adorable Minnie one in the store at the Polynesian and picked it up! On our last day we actually ended up going to Disney Spring, so I bought the Haunted Mansion one from TAG. it’s actually the only think I picked up from Disney Springs, so I was proud of myself!

Sleeping Masks

Ornament– Once Ethan and I were engaged I knew I wanted something to commemorate the trip. Because it was our first “Christmas” trip, we picked out a snowman ornament and got the back personalized with the date we got engaged! I think it’s a nice touch and we can get ones with our wedding date and other special dates in the future 🙂


Uh-Oah souvenier glass- When we went to Trader Sam’s I knew I wanted to bring home a glass because they are so cool! Well, we went for the big one, and got an Uh-Oah to share! I feel like it’s more of a bowl than a glass, and could potentially be used as a small planter! It’s definitely different, but I love it!


Ring- Just kidding! I came back with a new ring on my finger but Ethan bought it way before our trip! I think you can say it’s my favourite 🙂

To hear a little more about the things I picked up check out the haul video below:

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at what I brought back from Walt Disney World! What’s a must have souvenir for you? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget Disney Vlogs start Friday! The first video will be up at 6am, and there will be a post on here as your reminder! I really hope you enjoy them 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!


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