January 11, 2017

Monthly Favourites- December 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great December, I know I did! It’s monthly favourites time once again, and thinking of things to share for the month of December was so easy, I actually had to save some things for next month! Let’s just say I was very entertained this month. Okay, let’s jump in!



Monthly Favourites December 2016


My Fairytale Wedding- You guys probably know how much I love The Bachelor franchise, so of course I found that Desiree had written a book. I didn’t just buy it because she was on the Bachelorette, she actually has a lot of experience in the wedding industry, and from her own wedding. I’ve mentioned before how lost I felt when I first started looking at wedding planning because I’ve never planned a wedding before! This book lays it out so simply, and the best part is it’s budget conscious. I’ve already noticed how quickly things add up, so looking at things from the perspective of saving money really helps. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is recently engaged!

Fixer Upper- I think this is my favourite show on HGTV. I could watch it all day! Joanna and Chip are adorable together and so funny! I love how they change ugly houses and make them beautiful, and I absolutely love Jo’s design style.


Elf- I was trying to think of my favourite Christmas movie because there are so many I watch every year, but there is really only one I can watch multiple times during the month of December. It’s Elf! I remember going to see it in the theatre when it came out, and I still enjoy it so much! I wish I could answer the phone asking people their favourite colour, but that might be weird. What’s your favourite holiday movie?

Moana- I am MOANA! Guys, I loved it. Like I listen to the soundtrack every day. It’s constantly stuck in my head. It made me cry, twice. I want to see it again! If you haven’t already seen the movie, please go see it! I love the story, and how not-typically Disney it is. The music is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it!

Welcome Home Potter- Another HGTV show I’ve really been enjoying! It features Monica Potter (who I know from Parenthood), and she and her sisters as they fix up their childhood home in Cleveland. Each episode focuses on two spaces, and they’ve transformed the entire house! It moves pretty quickly because each episode is only a half hour, but it’s funny, and it gives me all the good feelings.


Pentatonix- I think I’ve been living under a rock guys. I hadn’t ever listened to a song by Pentatonix (except the one that was in Pitch Perfect 2, but I didn’t know who was singing). So I put one song on, and let YouTube do it’s thing. I think their version of “Hallelujah” is so good. I sang that song in one of my high school choirs so it’s always nice to hear it, but Pentatonix did such a good job with it. Because it was December I mostly listened to their Christmas songs, and based on what YouTube played, but it’s definitely nice to hear an a Capella group!

Talking as Fast as I can by Lauren Graham- I got this for Christmas and read it in less than a week! I already talked about it in last week’s post, but I couldn’t read this fast enough! It made me realize how much I miss reading, and how I need to make time for reading regularly!


Tréstique Mini Shadow Crayon– I’ve seen some people review eyeshadow sticks and just how quick and easy they are to apply, so I started looking at buying one. Low and behold I found this one in one of my ipsy bags (I got the bags for a few months before cancelling my subscription because I wasn’t really wearing makeup at the time), and I love it!


Hedgehogs chocolates I was walking around the grocery store looking for a Toblerone bar to make Toblerone Shortbread, and I hadn’t gotten an advent calendar so I wanted some chocolate. I found these hedgehogs, and although they aren’t Purdy’s ones (the best in my opinion), they were pretty good! The hazelnut and chocolate combination is so delicious, so I got my Mom some for Christmas too! I couldn’t find a link to the specific brand I had, so I linked to Purdy’s hedgehogs 🙂

Hayley Paige– I’ve been watching her YouTube videos on and off for the past few months, but with Vlogmas going on in December (vlogging every day in December), I watched her all the time. She got married in the summer, and gave birth to her daughter a few days before Christmas. I enjoyed watching her and her husbands banter, and seeing her become a mom! I’m now in the process of going back and watching her wedding ready videos for any advice. Watching her vlog every day made me want to try vlogging more, but we’ll see!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look of some of my favourite things from the past month! If you’d like to hear a little more, check out the video below!


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What was your favourite thing in the month of December? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you for reading!


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