September 20, 2017

Have To’s at Magic Kingdom!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I have another Disney post for you today, and I’m starting a small series! If you’ve ever stayed at a Walt Disney World resort, you may have turned on the tv and found the Must Do channel. Hosted by Stacy, she goes through all of the “must do” things at each of the park. So I thought that in the next couple weeks I would share the things that I have to do in each park, and that I would want to do if I only had one day in each park. So don’t expect it to be all of the thrill rides or anything like that, but just the attractions or shows that make up my ideal day in each park. Today we are starting with Magic Kingdom! Okay, let’s get started with my have to’s at Magic Kingdom!

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

Because I don’t want these posts to be lists of every single thing, we are going to try and keep this under 10 things! I also tried to pick at least one thing from each area in the park!

Splash Mountain- I’ve mentioned before that this is my favourite attraction in Walt Disney World, so of course I want to ride it! I love the length of the ride, the characters, the big drop and the smaller ones that keep you guessing. Riding it when it’s hot is awesome, and it’s fun at night! It’s definitely my favourite mountain in the Magic Kingdom, and it’s a ride I definitely want to do every time I’m in Magic Kingdom!

It’s a Small World- A classic! This ride reminds me of my childhood, so I love revisiting it. My favourite room is the jungle, I love the winking hippo and the Elephant on the wall swinging the kids on it’s tusks. This is my must ride attraction in Fantasyland!

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean- Something about walking through Adventureland I love. The way the music kicks in just tells me I’m in Disney! If I’m going to go on one ride in Adventureland, it has to be Pirates of the Caribbean! This might be weird, but I love the smell! I love how long it takes to walk up to the ride, and so many of the scenes are classics!

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

The Peoplemover- Sometimes you have to take a break, and the Peoplemover is a great was to do it! Tomorrowland has an energy to it that’s different than the other lands in Magic Kingdom and I love travelling around it on the Peoplemover! I remember seeing in the Disney community how much everyone loved it and always kind of thought it was weird, but once I went on it I got it!

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

Carousel of Progress- There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow! I love this show! The songs, the scenes, it just screams classic Disney to me. I love knowing that Walt was responsible for the creation of this show, to me it just makes it that much more special. The rotating theatre is different than any other attraction in Walt Disney World, and I like how you travel through time with each scene. Some people like Carousel of Progress because they can take a nap, but you can bet I’ll watch the whole thing.

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid- I had to mention my favourite ride in New Fantasyland! This makes my inner child so happy, because The Little Mermaid has always been my favourite! I love the “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” scenes. On my last trip I rode it with my friend Hayley, and we were singing the whole time! After my Dad said he looked over at us laughing and singing and just knew we were having fun!

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion- Another one of my favourite rides in all of Walt Disney World! I could ride this over and over and notice something new! My favourite scene is the scene with all of the dancing ghosts, and it has been since I was a kid! I bought an eye mask with the wallpaper from Haunted Mansion on my last trip, and it makes me so happy.

Have To's at Magic Kingdom

Fireworks- A day at Magic Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without fireworks! If you were headed to MK today you would be seeing Happily Ever After (which I haven’t seen in person yet!), but a six months ago you would have seen Wishes! Disney does fireworks like no one else, and I love finishing the day with a bang! (Sorry, I had to!) And they always make me cry to, they just get to me!

That about wraps up my have to’s in Magic Kingdom! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I like to fit into my days at Magic Kingdom!

If you were heading to Magic Kingdom today, what would you want to do? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for joining me today as I share my have to’s at Magic Kingdom!



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