October 4, 2017

Have To’s At Epcot!

Hello friends, and happy October! I can’t even believe I just typed that! I hope you are all well. Today’s Disney post in the next in the Have To series I started a few weeks ago! Today I’m sharing the things I have to do when I go to Epcot. It makes up my ideal day, and I can’t picture visiting Epcot without doing these things! Again I’m trying to keep the list under 10 things. Walking into Epcot is one of those Disney moments I just love. The moment I hear that background music, I feel like I’m home! Okay, without further ado, here are my have to’s at Epcot!

Have to's at Epcot

Soarin’ Around the World- Soarin’ is one of my absolute favourite things at Walt Disney World. I love the ride itself, but I also love riding it with my sister. She would never be able to experience something like this in real life, so the fact that she can experience it at Disney is pretty special. Watching her face is just as good as watching the actual film. The newest version might not be as good as the original, but I definitely enjoyed it last November! I avoided spoilers as much as humanly possible, and cried like 3 times when I finally got to experience it. I was SO HAPPY they kept the original music (with a new spin), because I love it so much. Okay, if you can’t already tell, I love Soarin’.at Epcot

Living with the Land- The other thing I love to do in The Land Pavillion! It’s such a relaxing ride, and I love seeing all the food they grow! And looking for hidden Mickey’s :). I’d like to do the Behind The Seeds tour where you can actually walk the greenhouse, I think it would be pretty cool!

Grand Fiesta Tour- There are rumours that this ride will change once the new movie Coco comes out in November, but I hope it stays the way it is! I have to ride this every time I visit Epcot! It’s not the most popular ride, but I love it! Once Ethan and I rode it and there was an audio issue so it was quiet… and very weird. I love to see the Three Caballeros, and I love the audio animatronics they added to the end of the ride!

Test Track- I really love the new (not that new anymore) Test Track. I liked the old one, but I love the new version. Since you now get to design your own car, it makes the ride that much more immersive! I love the darkness of the ride, it gives it a much sleeker feel. And it reminds me of Tron. But the ending, oh how I love the ending! Going outside and going FAST! It’s really fun.

Test Track at Epcot

Frozen Ever After- I know it usually has a HUGE line, but for me there’s really only 1 reason this made the list. SVEN. I love Sven if you don’t know, and getting to see him up close makes me squeal. Don’t believe me? Check out the Disney Vlog below and skip to around 10:40. The audio animatronics are really amazing in this ride!

Club Cool- When it’s hot you have to visit Club Cool! I love trying the different sodas from around the world, and if I’m with someone new you can bet I’m getting them to try the Beverly! My favourites from my last trip were Pineapple Fanta and the Watermelon Lemonade! Check out this Disney vlog to watch Alex try said Beverly :D.

Spaceship Earth- I always have to go on Spaceship Earth when I’m at Epcot! It’s slow moving and relaxing, air conditioned, need I say more? It’s hard to explain what I like so much about this ride, but I love it. The number of audio animatronics is pretty crazy to think about, and you learn a little bit on the ride too! I love the “Your Future” thing at the end too, because it’s always different and if you take a funny picture at the beginning it makes it even funnier. I love looking at Spaceship Earth around the park just like I do Cinderella Castle, it just brings a smile to my face.


Illuminations: Reflections of Earth- A day at Epcot has to end with Illuminations! Ethan thinks it’s the best show for strictly fireworks in Walt Disney World, and I have to agree! I love the music, and how all of World Showcase is involved. It’s the best ending to an Epcot day!

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What are your have to’s at Epcot? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the things that make up my ideal day at Epcot!


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