August 22, 2018

Wedding Planning Update: Months 16-22

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Today I am back with another wedding planning update! I’ll be sharing the different things we’ve done in the last little while, specifically covering months 16-22 of wedding planning! I officially get married next month, eeek! I hope you guys enjoy today’s post. I’ll be talking about everything in the video below, and listing the items below the video. I won’t be sharing any specific dates or vendors until after the wedding for privacy reasons, which I hope you’ll understand! Okay, let’s jump in!

wedding planning update

The Video

What we’ve done in the last few months

  • I forgot to mention this in the last update, but the week leading up to the 1 year mark, I freaked out! Just thinking of what I would be doing this time next year stressed me out!
  •  I’ve still been having wedding nightmares, but I don’t have any that I remember enough to speak of!
  • I’ve had 2 fittings for my dress, and I barely needed anything done! Just a little length taken off and I’m having some special things added that I’ll share after!
  •  I had my makeup trial before a bridal shower, and love the look! I shared that process in this weekend vlog.
  • I have all of my accessories ready to go! I have a pair of heels for the main event, and sneakers for dancing! I also have all of my jewelry ready.
  • Ethan’s suit is all ready to go, he’s picked it up and already done the alterations
  • we met with our photographer again, and can’t wait to work with her again! We’ve sent her the list of family photos we want to make sure we take already
  • our invitations have been sent out, and we are just following up with the last few RSVP’s! I talk about where we got our invitations from the in the video
  • We’ve gathered most of our decor, we’ve shopped at places like Costco, Value Village, flea markets, Ikea, and Ethan has even built some things!
  • I am making a fake wedding cake, so I’ve started making the flowers to go on it, and I’ve showed clips in some weekend vlogs
  • we’ve worked on our ceremony, and it’s almost finished!
  • I’m really starting to see everything come together, and I think it’s bringing Ethan and I closer as we work hard to get everything done!
  • bridesmaids gifts are purchased and ready to go
  • we are renting a trailer to stay on site for the weekend of the wedding, just for us to have a place to ourselves
  • We used The Knot  for our wedding website and RSVP’s- I found it was duplicating entries, but I could easily figure it out and delete the duplicates. I will do a post about the planning tools I couldn’t live without after the wedding!
  • ADVICE: leave a table open, for extra guests, even though you think it won’t happen… plus 1’s will be an issue
  • We are busy working on the favors- will do a post on how we did those
  • ADVICE: find something productive that is also relaxing- for me that was making flowers!
  • Just had my hair trial
  • had bridal showers
  • my bachelorette party is this weekend!
  • Ethan and I got cologne and perfume during the Sephora Spring Sale
  • I will be starting a spotify playlist for getting ready and keeping me calm
  • we’ve sent the music list to the DJ
  • I’ll be drinking immunity teas and do everything I can to not get sick!
  • we just started working with month-of co-ordinator, making list of seating chart (complete with dietary restrictions), vendor contact list, list of decor
  • I’m always making lists- I have a bunch of notes in my phone. I’m at the point now where if I don’t write it down I won’t be able to remember it!
  • just have to figure out the second part of our honeymoon, but everything is booked, check out this video to see where we are going!
  • and Ethan and I don’t know what we are going to do when it’s all over!

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Thank you so much for joining me today!


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