September 12, 2018

Monthly Favourites: August 2018!

Hello friends! I hope you are well! It’s hard to believe it’s been another month already! Today I am sharing some of my favourite things from the month of August, from entertainment, a book, beauty items, a cookbook and a new YouTuber! Okay let’s get started!

monthly favourites august 2018


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Very Cavallari on E!- This has been my total guilty pleasure for the past little while! I just relax and de-stress when watching it, I find it a little break from the craziness that is wedding planning! It follows Kristen Cavallari and her staff as she works towards opening a storefront of her jewllery and home brand Uncommon James. Drama ensues, and I just love it as a little something I can watch each week!

monthly favourites august 2018

The Handsmaid’s Tale on Crave- I honestly can’t remember if I’ve already shared it (after watching the first 3 episodes immediately after reading the book), but I’ve slowly been working my way through the series now! I’m on season 2, and have been watching it while I work on gumpaste flowers for my wedding cake. It’s really intense, but the show is so well done!

monthly favourites august 2018


30 Rock on Amazon Prime Video- After watching an episode or two of The Handsmaid’s Tale, I need to watch something lighter! I’m about halfway into season 2, and I’m really enjoying it! It doesn’t make me laugh a ton out loud, but I do enjoy the jokes in it. It’s something I’ve wanted to watch since reading Tina Fey’s book years ago, so I’m happy I’ve finally gotten to it!

monthly favourites august 2018


Still Me by Jojo Moyes– This is the third book in the “Me Before You” series, and it might be my favourite! It’s been a while since I read the first two, but I picked up the story again pretty quickly. I definitely like it better than the second one, and could see it as a movie. It was a little long (over 500 pages on my ebook), but I read in just under two weeks.

monthly favourites august 2018


Fixate Cookbook by Autumn Caleabrese – I’ve mentioned a few times in recent Weekend Vlogs that I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix to get wedding ready, and to help I bought the cookbook by the creator of 21 Day Fix, Autmn. It has over 100 recipes (although some of them aren’t applicable to me because I’m a vegetarian), but I like the ones we’ve tried so far! My favourite might be the Sloppy Joe’s. All recipes come with container counts for an easy way to know what I’m eating! If you are looking to get into the 21 Day fix, I would suggest buying the cookbook with the workouts and containers, because it’s cheaper!

monthly favourites august 2018


Clump Crusher Mascara by Covergirl– I feel like I may have found my new favourite mascara! I’ve been trying out the different Covergirl Mascaras, and the second I applied this one I was like WOAH! It’s my new go to!

monthly favourites august 2018

Garnier Ombrelle Face Ultra Light Cream Sunscreen, SPF 60– Since finishing the sunscreen that came in The Littles from Drunk Elephant (you can ready my opinion on the products here), I bought this one from the drug store and have been liking it! Since I started using the Drunk Elephant products I knew I should be using SPF on my face, and this was is so light I don’t even feel it! It also does a really good job (I went to the beach a few weeks ago and my face was the only thing that didn’t burn!). I would recommend it as a less expensive alternative!


monthly favourites august 2018

B- Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel (link to Serum)– This might be my favourite Drunk Elephant product because it was the first full size one I purchased! It a really nice and light hydrating gel, and I use it last thing before putting my makeup on. I can hardly feel it on my skin! I would definitely recommend it, and you can buy the small size with the C Frima Day syrum for fairly inexpensive (in Sephora terms haha).  Now it’s considered a serum (which I’ve linked), but I purchased it as the gel before it changed.

monthly favourites august 2018



Blair Lamb– One of her vlogs came up in my feed on the YouTube app, and I’ve watch quite a few of her videos! Blair is very down to earth and I just enjoy watching what she shares! I watched her Disney Cruise vlogs (now I’m dreaming of a Disney Cruise), and it was nice to see it from the perspective of a young married couple without kids. She also has a blog that I’ve read quite a bit in the past month, and I just really appreciate seeing someone else balance the same sort of things that I do (while being much more successful at it!)

monthly favourites august 2018


If you’d like to hear more about my favourites from August, check out the video below!

What did you enjoy in August? Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you so much for spending some time with me today!


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