December 25, 2019

2019 Goals, How Did I Do?

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! Today is the last blog post of the year (!!) so I’m taking a look at the goals I made at the beginning of the year to see how I did. Next week I’ll be sharing my goals for 2020! Okay, let’s jump in!

So I actually forgot that I made so many goals and separated them into personal, A Disney Obsession, and A Sticker Obsession (my Etsy shop). So I’ve kept them in the same order from the post at the beginning of the year! But you can bet that I didn’t get to everything!

Personal Goals

1. Journal challenge- I feel like I’ve done really well with this one! I used prompts I found on Pinterest to help me get into the groove of writing, and I’ve only missed a handful of days this year, and I’ve made it up the next day. Now it’s a part of my daily routine, and I will definitely continue to journal! I’ve downloaded an app called Grid Diary for prompts, so I will report back if I like it! I finished one journal that I started I think back in 2017, and have moved on to another!

2. Find a healthy balance- I think I did okay on this goal. There were times this year when I was pretty healthy and exercising really regularly (like when I did the 80 day obsession), but especially in the past few months I fell off track. So this will probably be a goal for 2020!

3. Read 30 books- Killed this one too! I’m currently sitting at 35 books read and deciding what my goal should be for next year. It’s been so nice to read so much this past year, and I will have part 2 of the books I read coming up soon. You can read part 1 here.

4. Don’t spend money on books- I did really well on this one, and I will have a post coming up about how I did it!

5. Move in to our house- Well this one is a big fat nope! If you’ve been following this saga (you can read the most recent update if you missed it here), you’ll know that didn’t happen! This year was very frustrating mostly because of this- but next year we will be moving in to a house of our own. I’m going to make sure of it!

6. Watch more classic movies- I think this was a goal that I was doing well with at the beginning of the year but then kind of forgot about it. I still have a list in my bullet journal of movies to watch, and will try to watch more next year.


A Disney Obsession goals

a disney obsession

1. Blog every Wednesday and every other Saturday- I did pretty well with this, and only missed a few Saturday posts. I got stressed at times, but was okay with missing a post here or there. And I really enjoyed posting more and getting to some of the posts that had been on my list for a while! Did you notice the increase in posts? Did you enjoy them?

2. Newsletter- I feel like I’ve really gotten into the groove of writing a newsletter each month! I think I missed one month because it flew by, but other than that I was on track! Have you signed up yet? Come join the group and get a freebie when you sign up!

3. Pinterest- Umm I definitely forgot about this one! I will try to prioritize this in the new year.

4. Continue with courses- I think I did an okay job with this one, but could have done better. I just bought a really popular blogging course, so that is going to be high on my list to complete!

a sticker obsession goals

goals, new years resolutions, 2018 goals, new year, a disney obsession

1. Have 50 items in the shop- I didn’t get to this but I also think my shop is going in a different direction. I added 2 new items though, and had hoped to add another but I didn’t get to it. Hopefully next year!

2. Post to Instagram more- Again, nope! Hopefully I can get into the groove next year, and I’m sure when it comes to organizing our house I will have lots of content for this Instagram!

3. Spend more time designing- Nope! But also because the direction shifted a bit there’s not really the need for as much designing anymore. But with new products there will be designing, so there should be more of that in 2020!

Overall I think I did pretty well this year, with the exception of my sticker shop. But I don’t want to be too hard on myself, so there’s always next year!

Did you meet your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you so much for joining me today!




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