March 30, 2016

FabFitFun Spring 2016 Box!

Hello everyone! I just received my Spring 2016 FabFitFub Box and I thought I would share it with you! Below is an unboxing video where I show everything that was in my box. I’m really happy with what was included, so take a look!

I’ve also included a list of everything that was in the box with links and retail prices. This box costs $49.95 US so with shipping I paid $78.73 CAD (thanks crappy Canadian Dollar!). The box contains full size products and is valued at over $200, so it’s still a really good deal in my opinion. There is one box for each season. This is the third box I’ve received, and I want to see how many things I use to make my mind up about keeping the subscription. I think I will keep it for one more box then re-evaluate. All of the information below is from the booklet that is included in the box.

Herb Garden by MakersKit– this adorable kit came with everything needed to grow Thyme, Mint and Basil. I can’t wait to be able to use these herbs! Retails for $35.

Countour Kit by ISH– I am a newbie when it comes to makeup, but I’m certainly excited to have something that I probably wouldn’t have bought by myself. The kit includes a highlighter, bronzer, blush and contour. I selected the Light/Medium palette. Retails for $32.

Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D’Amour– I’m not normally a bath person, but the number of YouTubers that I watch who enjoy bath bombs have made me consider trying it. I’m so excited my box came with three to try! They all smell amazing too! Retails for $28.

Keratin Gloves® & Socks by Bodipure Inc– My hands and feet always get dry in the winter, so I hope trying these will get them summer ready! Retails for $9.98.

Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona– You also chose what your necklace would say this box, and I love my love necklace! So simple but beautiful. Retails for $65.

Shaving Emulsion Lotion by HelloLegs- This combination of body lotion and shaving cream is something I can’t wait to try! Retails for $19.95. Unfortunately I can’t find a link for this item. Sorry friends!

Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh– I have been looking for something to de-frizz my hair, so I am definitely looking forward to trying this! Retails for $22.99.

Yoga Strap Mat by Merrithew– I have to admit I wasn’t sure what this was! You can use it as a carrying strap for your yoga mat, or as a resistance cord during yoga practise. I will give this a try! Retails for $14.99

$25 Gift Card by 31 Bits– The one thing I like about the FFF gift cards, is there is no minimum purchase. The picture I put on canvas for Ethan’s Christmas gift was actually a coupon from a FFF box! (Don’t worry I still paid for the majority of it!) Retails for $25, obvi!

$30 Gift Card by Sterling Forever– I don’t wear a ton of jewellery, but I will definitely take a look now that I have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet! Retails for $30.

The total retail value of the box is $282.91! Wow!

Also included was a card from I Am That Girl, an organization committed to empowering girls. It is hard to be a girl, so let’s build each other up, not put each other down! For more information on I Am That Girl, click here.

FabFitFun Spring Box

If you are interested in the FabFitFun box, click here for $10 off your first box!

The one thing I do like about the FabFitFun boxes is the ability to try things you might not normally buy. I do hope that by the time I get the next box, I’ve tried at least a couple of products for the spring box! Do you subscribe to any monthly/seasonal boxes? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you are trying!

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March 23, 2016

30 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I thought it might be fun to share some things you might not know about me. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better!

30 things

  1. I love Disney. Just kidding! You already know that. But seriously, I’m like really short. Like 5″0′. That means Ethan in 10 inches taller than me.
  2. My dog’s name is Mandy- named after Mandy Moore. But Mandy Moore is still relevant from Tangled, so at least her name isn’t Ashlee after Ashlee Simpson!
  3. I’m a pescatarian, so I eat fish but not meat. It will be 10 years this September.
  4. I have a weird ability to memorize song lyrics, and even if I haven’t heard the song in a long time my brain remembers the lyrics as the song goes on!
  5. My favourite flavour of chips is Salt and Vingear. The best are Lays!
  6. I HATE sand. Always have, always will.
  7. I have never dyed my whole head of hair. Only highlights, or I bleached some sections and put in some Manic Panic back in the day. I’m all natural!
  8. When I was younger I did competitive gymnastics and Power Tumbling. At one point I was 5th in Eastern Canada, not bad in my books!
  9. I also played soccer, recreation then competitive for about 10 years. I still miss it!
  10. I’m my parents only biological child, my parents adopted my sister when she was born.
  11. My absolute favourite show ever of all time is Friends.
  12. I’ve been on two cruises in my life, and they were both hosted by John Mayer.
  13. My dog starred in my music theatre class production of The Wizard of Oz, she was Toto!
  14. My not-so-secret guilty pleasure TV show is The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette, I’ve been watching it I think since elementary school.
  15. I’ve known what I wanted to be “when I grow up” since I was in grade 7.
  16. I have Disney music on my phone… sometimes you just need it!
  17. I’ve never tried a Dole Whip at Disney World, but I hope to on my next trip. (if you aren’t sure what that is, google it!)
  18. I have a photographic memory, but I only realized a few years ago. It has come in handy once I realized!
  19. This blog was actually Ethan’s idea. 🙂
  20. Disney merchandise is my weak spot, if I see something Disney, I have trouble not buying it.
  21. I LOVE Harry Potter. I was lucky enough to visit the studios where the movies were filmed in England a few years ago. I also met Tom Felton and Rupert Grint last year at Fan Expo 😀
    Tom FeltonRupert Grint
  22. There are other places I want to visit on vacations other than Disney World. I’d love to visit Italy, Greece and Hawaii to name a few. And Disneyland. And Disneyland Paris. 🙂
  23. I watch YouTube more than actual TV.
  24. All of the YouTubers I watch regularly I found through Disney Vlogs. (KyleandCourt, BeingMommyWithStyle, GillianAtHome, PrettyNeatLiving, SeeYaReelSoon, OhYeahDisney, HappiestVlogsonEarth, and Ellie Steadman)
  25. I love love love going to concerts. I try to go to a few each year, and nothing says summer like a concert at Molson Amphitheatre!
  26. My favourite number is 4, and I’m not sure why. I think it might be because my birthday is in April, but who knows.
  27. I have a Disney bucket list in the works.
  28. I’m obsessed with the Grand Floridian resort, and I don’t know why, but I hope to stay there someday. My Mom thinks it’s because they stayed there in the episode of Full House that takes place in Disney World.
  29. I love the music from The Princess and the Frog, but the movie doesn’t interest me that much.
  30. It took me almost two months to write this post, because it was harder than I thought it would be to write 30 things about myself!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better, and if you care to share let me know something about you in the comments! Also, if there is something you would like to see on the blog, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

March 16, 2016

My Disney Book Collection

If you are following me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve bought a few Disney books lately, and I realized I have a bit of a collection forming! I thought I would share the books I have, if I have read them, and what I think (for the few I have read). Let’s dive right in!

My Disney Book Collection

I should probably start by saying that I am very interested in the history of the Walt Disney Company, and the theme parks, which is part of why I have so many books. While I may have a weakness for Disney merchandise, I don’t just go out and buy book because they have Mickey on them. All of the books I own cover topics I enjoy learning more about. Let’s call that the disclaimer for this post, haha!


Poster Art of the Disney Parks

As I was gathering all of my books, I actually forgot I had this one. I love walking under the train station as you enter Magic Kingdom, and I love looking at the attraction posters they have in the tunnel. Ethan knows how much I love them so he actually got me some posters of them for Christmas! (You can see some pictures here). This book has so many beautiful pictures of these posters, and I love looking through it.


Walt Disney Imagineering

I believe is the most expensive Disney book I own, but it’s gorgeous and worth every penny. It goes into so much detail as to how everything was created, from the parks to the attractions in the parks. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve quickly glanced through it and can’t wait to read it.

The Disney Book

I just bought The Disney Book and can’t wait to read it. It goes through the history of the company and has sections dedicated to all of the Disney films. It covers just about everything Disney, which I like as well. While it is nice to have some books that cover specific areas, it’s also nice to have one that encompasses everything. I was actually watching a Disney Vlog by Ellie Steadman and at the end it showed a clip of another video, and she said that every Disney fan needs this book, so I got it!


Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center

A while ago I went on a little Amazon kick and bought a bunch of second hand books for really cheap. (You can probably tell which ones by the conditions in the picture at the top of this post). I find the history of Walt Disney World fascinating, and especially the version of Walt Disney World I saw when I was little and don’t remember. This book goes into detail as to what EPCOT Center was, and a lot of the attractions that unfortunately no longer exist.


Around the World with Disney

While I may not get a chance to visit all of the Disney Parks around the world, I thought this book would be interesting to get a little insight to some of the other parks. I did read this one, and really enjoyed it! It compares some rides that have different versions throughout the different parks, which I find pretty cool. For instance, each Disney park around the world have a version of “The Haunted Mansion”, and they have different names. Each attraction is also located in a different land in each park. You can find it in Liberty Square in Walt Disney World, and New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Neat huh?

The Making of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube about Animal Kingdom, and have loved them, so I purchased this book all about it on Amazon. I haven’t read it yet, but I hope to soon!


Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

This is the only fictitious Disney book I own, and I saw it and bought it because I was interested how it incorporated the Disney Parks. The storyline seems a little far fetched, but I used a gift card for it, so if I don’t like it I didn’t lose anything.


The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic

One of my favourite Disney attractions is The Haunted Mansion, so of course I have a book all about it! If you missed the posts where I count down my 10 favourite attractions, make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2!


The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

I have three copies of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. I actually read part of one in a rental house on my trip in 2012. I own the versions from 2013, 2015 and 2016. I bought the 2013 one because I wanted to try their strategy in the parks (my strategy is adapted from theirs), then bought the 2015 one to get familiar with the new FastPass+ system.  I’m the type of person who likes to be very informed, so I guess I bought the 2016 one so I can know of any changes. No you do not need three copies, because they change very little throughout the years. I guess I’m just that obsessed! I think reading the 2016 version will get me through the days until my next trip! I would definitely recommend these books because they go into an incredible amount of detail and cover absolutely everything.


Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination

This is the only Walt Disney book I own, and I haven’t read very much of it. Ethan read it about a year ago, and proceeds to tell me that he knows more about Disney than I do (seriously?!). But I really do need to read this one, because Walt was an amazing man, and I’d love to know more about his life. One warning though, it’s hug! It also goes into a lot of detail of his earlier life, and doesn’t focus much on the creation of the parks.


Everything I Need to Know Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book

I’ve seen this book on Instagram and YouTube, so I thought I should get it! I’m sure some of you remember the Little Golden Books from when you were a kid! This book goes over all of the lessons we were taught in them, with the help of some Disney characters! I loved those books, and thought this was such a cute idea.


As you can see I definitely have some books to keep me busy! Do you have any Disney books? Let me know in the comments! I am also open to any recommendations! Also let me know if once I do get around to reading these books if you’d be interested in book reviews.

* please be advised some of the links provided are affiliate links, and I receive a (very) small commission if these links are used when purchasing . This does not cost you anything extra, and I greatly appreciate your support in my blog by doing so!*

Thank you so much for reading!