August 24, 2016

What To Do At Walt Disney World As An Adult

Hello friends, and happy Wednesday! You might be thinking “Kelsey, as a 20-something without kids, why do you keep coming back to Walt Disney World”? Well I guess my answer (other than because I love it, am obsessed with it, and because it is accessible), is because there is so much to do, even as an adult! Today I thought I would show you some of the things that you can do at Walt Disney World as an adult. Let’s get started!


Epcot festivals

Epcot hosts two festivals: Flower and Garden , and Food and Wine. Flower and Garden takes place in the Spring, and Food & Wine in the fall. Lately, the two festivals are becoming more similar, because of the food booths. Booths are set up all around World Showcase where you can purchase different food and drink samples. I suggest buying a gift card (they sell small ones that you can use on bracelets), for a set amount, and spend an afternoon or two wandering World Showcase sampling! The gift card can help to set a limit for spending, and makes it a little easier to keep track! Seminars are also held during the festivals, (some free, some cost extra), but it’s nice to do something a little different that is available only certain times through the year! Epcot gets a makeover for both times of the year, and it’s a wonderful place to be! In 2015 Ethan and I missed the beginning of Flower and Garden by about a week, and I definitely missed seeing it. It’s one of my favourite times of year to visit!

Drink or eat around the world

This one you can do any time of year, but there are definitely more options during the festivals I mentioned above. There are so many delicious options around World Showcase, and taking a slow walk around it in the afternoon is perfect. Check out Disney Food Blog for some of the popular items around World Showcase, but don’t do it if you’re hungry!

Restaurant Marrakesh

Disney Springs

The Downtown Disney area has recently received a makeover, and it is quite the place to be! With new restaurants opening all the time, it is a great place to shop, eat, and hang out without stepping into the parks. If you really want to treat yourself, go see La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil. Ethan and I did in 2013 and I’m so glad we did!

Signature Restaurants

Walt Disney World has SO MANY good places to eat. And most of them are in resorts! Go for a nice meal or two, or even just drinks. One restaurant that I highly recommend is California Grill . You can also treat yourself by staying at a nicer resort when going on an adults-only trip. I would recommend any of the moderate or deluxe level resorts! Because they are more expensive they tend to be a little quieter and there aren’t quite as many kids. But keep in mind, there will still be kids. You are in Walt Disney World after all!

California Grill


I’ve never had the opportunity to go to the spa while at Walt Disney World, but what a way to relax! Saratoga Springs and The Grand Floridian both have spas, so you know where to go to treat yourself!

Visit the Resorts

With so many resorts all themed differently, you can spend a lot of time wandering them! If you are staying on site or want to use Disney Transportation, you should know that buses do not go from resort to resort. You can take a bus to any park, then get on a different bus to the resort of your choosing. It might take a little bit of extra time, but it’s free! One great way to see a few of the really nice resorts is going on the monorail loop! You can see the Polynesian, Contemporary and Grand Floridian this way.

Take a Tour

Ethan and I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour last year, and I’ve already talked about how much I liked it. There are so many tours available at the different parks and for different lengths of time. If you have kids and are going on an adults-only trip, take the opportunity to go on a tour that your kids might be too young to go on! It’s a great way to spend some time in the parks not running from attraction to attraction.

Visit The Boardwalk

This one can also fall under visiting other Disney resorts, but this area is so neat! You can exit Epcot through International Gateway (in World Showcase) and walk the Boardwalk. There are tons of restaurants and shops, and you can also see Beach and Yacht Club Resorts. I haven’t actually been to this area yet, but it’s in the books for our next trip! From what I’ve seen, it looks like a great place to stroll and relax. You can walk to Hollywood Studios too! Taking a boat is also an option, if your feet need a rest 🙂


Have you ever been to Walt Disney World on an adults-only trip? What is you favourite thing to do? Let me know in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the things you can do at Walt Disney World as an adult, and maybe you have a better idea of why I like going so much! I did my best to mention things that you might not think of, and things that you don’t even need to go into the parks for! You’re welcome. 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading!


August 17, 2016

Why We Don’t Do Universal

Hello everyone! I thought this week I would talk a little about our family vacations, and why we do Disney so much. I’ve mentioned before about how I like to stay on site, and why I think it’s worth it, but I thought I would expand a little today. We go to Orlando fairly frequently, but we mainly visit Walt Disney World. So why don’t we do Universal?

Why We Don't Do Universal

I’ve mentioned previously that my sister Alexandra is in a wheelchair, but not really in depth. She has Cerebral Palsy, and understands everything you say to her. She requires full time care, and has a custom wheelchair. She can’t use her arms to push herself, or feed herself. She can’t hold her head up or use her hands to grab onto something for a long period of time. Why is this important to talk about? It’s Universal’s policy for people with disabilities. Did we know this before we went in 2012? Nope. My family is full of Harry Potter fans, and on our 10 day trip to Orlando in May 2012 we tried to see a lot. We visited Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World. The day at Universal Studios was the absolute worst of the trip.

Our day at Islands of Adventure was one that I wanted to forget. We headed straight to Hogsmeade at the back of the park and Ethan and I rode Dueling Dragons. From there we headed to Hogwarts to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. As we approached the entrance, the staff there asked if Alex could hold her head up or hold onto the handrail, to which we answered “no”. She couldn’t ride. We ended up using rider swap so my parents and Ethan and I could ride. While one pair waited with Alex in the loading area, the other pair rode, then we switched.

I won’t go into detail of every ride we went up to, but this happened at every single ride. By lunch time, I was so upset. I didn’t want to do anything that Alex couldn’t, and because she is non-verbal I felt like I needed to express my anger and frustration for her. I was in tears, which upset her even more. We had just ridden the Spider Man ride when a manager saw how upset we were. I was ready to leave. She expressed her apologies for how we had spent our day and gave us a few options. We could be refunded for our tickets, or get admission to Universal Orlando where the Shrek 4-D show was, which was the only thing Alex could do because she could stay in her chair. We decided to go to the other park. Before we left, Alex got a treat. We got to go into Ollivander’s just the 5 of us, and a wand chose Alex! It was the highlight of her day.

I did really appreciate how that manager did her best to turn our day around, but our experience still was upsetting. We spent a few hours at Universal Orlando before calling it a day. I think the whole experience was exhausting. I decided to film a video about our experience to help spread awareness about Universal’s policies. I explain a little more about our day in the video below:


I decided to write this post not to bash Universal, but to raise awareness of their policies. I think that if we had know that Alex wasn’t going to be able to do anything, we most likely wouldn’t have visited. We are spoiled from spending so much time at Disney where everything is so accommodating, so it definitely opened our eyes to what else is out there, and why Disney is so great. I think that I would visit Universal Orlando again, just not with my family. After some searching I did find some information on Universal’s policy for people with disabilities. To see their policies, click here. It wasn’t where I thought it should be, and definitely not obvious!

I asked Alex to write a sentence or two for me explaining how she felt that day. She uses a communication device to speak, and because it can be so time consuming to build sentences, they aren’t always grammatically correct.  Here is what she said:

“I was feeling very sad why I could not went on the rides”

I know this post has been a bit of a downer, but I always want to be honest about my experiences, whether they are good or bad. We learned a lot by visiting Universal Orlando that day, and I hope people can learn about their policies and think about that before visiting. I think part of it was our fault for not reading up about it before, but part of it is on Universal. It just doesn’t sit right with me that people can pay for tickets and go into the park with someone who can’t do anything. Having worked at a camp full of individuals like Alex, I couldn’t imagine those kids going through the same thing. Please help me by spreading the word!


As always, thank you for reading!

August 10, 2016

Monthly Favourites- July 2016

Hello everyone! Happy August! This summer is flying by. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine wherever you are! It’s monthly favourites time again, and I’m sharing some of my favourite things from the last month. I’m sharing all things from entertainment, to clothing, beauty, and miscellaneous. Let’s get started!

Monthly Favourites July 2016


Finding Dory- My ideal movie to go see in theatres is either Disney, a rom-com, or a comedy. Finding Dory was so cute! I think a lot of people raved about it so seeing it I thought it didn’t necessarily live up to the hype, but I still enjoyed it. Because I was fairly young when Finding Nemo came out, it was nice to see those characters again.

Ghostbusters- I went to the movies twice this month (which is a rarity) and also saw the new Ghostbusters! I enjoyed it, and seeing it made me want to go back and watch the original. Sometimes it’s great to go to the movies and just laugh, which is exactly what this movie made me do!

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato- I went to see these two in concert with Ethan (who deserves boyfriend of the year for it), and really had fun! I listened to their music leading up to the concert as a refresher, and had fun at the concert. I used to be OBSESSED with the Jonas Brothers, and after they broke up (tear :() it was nice to see Nick in concert again. Demi has an amazing voice in person as well.

Friends- Yep, I knew this was going to happen! As soon as I finished Gilmore Girls I gravitated towards Friends, it happens every time! I’m on season 3 now, and I still love this show so much. I’ve seen the first 2 season more than any of the other because they were the first two I owns (on VHS!).

Dramaworld- This show on Netflix was recommended in last month’s favourites, so I got right into watching it! It’s only 10 episodes and they are 20 minutes and under, so I watched it fairly quickly! I was surprised with how much I like this series, and I hope they make more episodes!


Romper- I wore this romper in last month’s video, and I absolutely love it! It’s from Banana Republic, and I actually picked it up while Ethan and I were shopping for him (gotta get something for me too, right?). I like how lightweight it is, and it isn’t too revealing. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it online, but I’m not surprised because I bought it in an outlet store.


sea salt spray- I got this spray in the Summer FabFitFun box, and I’m liking it! I use it on day old curled hair in a ponytail, so it’s quick and easy. It doesn’t leave my hair hard and crunchy, and I really enjoy the smell! I’m happy to say I’ve used something from a FFF box 🙂

Baked to last Blush– It’s no secret that I love The Body Shop, so a while ago I decided to pick up a blush when I was placing an order online. I’m not really looking for anything in particular in a blush, but I use this one everyday. It’s not too pink that I feel like I can use it year-round, and it just adds a touch of colour to my cheeks.


nike+ app- I haven’t really shared apps before so I thought I would start! I’ve been running outside lately as part of the Tone It Up 100 mile challenge (which I’m not doing very well in), but as I start to get more into running and learning pace and trying to get distance under my belt this app has been great. I can listen to music that I have on my phone through the app, and every mile I’m notified of my pace. I like looking after I’ve completed my run to see where I was fastest, and how consistent my pace was. I’m nowhere near a pro, but this app is helping me learn!

HISY Power Bank– I mentioned in my Plan With Me post that I was going to a Blue Jays game on bobblehead day which meant I would get there early, and I was right. For a 1pm game Ethan and I were waiting outside by 8:45am. When you are waiting outside for 2 hours, and then inside for another 2 hours, you are going to be on your phone a lot. I got the HISY power bank in a FabFitFun box last year, and was excited to try it out. It was awesome! I will definitely be taking it to Walt Disney World with me because I know my phone battery will be use dup quickly!

SeeYaReelSoon– Speaking of Walt Disney World, I thought I would mention one of my favourite Disney Youtubers. Joe and Ashley from SeeYaReelSoon. I have been watching them for about a year now, and I always enjoy their videos! Right now they are posting videos from their October/November trip last year…. and let’s just say I’m paying special attention 😉

For a little more on my monthly favourites, check out the video below!




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As always, I hope you enjoy hearing about my favourite things each month, because I really enjoy sharing! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything that you really enjoyed last month, I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for reading!