July 18, 2018


Guys. I’ve been keeping this information from you for way too long, and today I’m spilling the beans! I’m sharing where Ethan and I are going for our Disneymoon! (aka Disney Honeymoon). This trip isn’t for a while, but I couldn’t wait any longer! Plus, I need your help!



Ethan and I are going to Disneyland from November 7th-10th, 2018!

We are both so excited to experience our first time at Disneyland together! I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember, and I’m so excited we are finally going!

We have a general idea of what we want to do, and will book the dining packages for World of Color and Fantasmic! But should we buy MaxPass?

We know that we won’t be able to do absolutely everything, but we are hoping to see a lot! We want to focus on things that are special to Disneyland, but also experience the things that are in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland!

We bought Park Hopper tickets, so we may spend a say bouncing back and forth. And if we purchase MaxPass, we can get Fastpasses for both parks.

Disneymoon announcement



But it doesn’t end there, because from November 10th-16th, we are staying at Disney’s resort in HAWAII!

My parents were nice enough to give us some DVC points to use to stay there, and I’m so excited! We will have a rental car and be able to go off on our own to different places, but we’ve also registered for some excursions through the Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons.

Ethan is the one doing research for the things we will do in Hawaii, while I’m focusing on Disneyland! We know we want to do a hike or two, and go out on our own, but also spend time relaxing at the resort!

disneymoon announcement


I need your help!

We’ve never been to either place, so we need all of the tips and tricks we can get! Please let me know in the comments below any recommendations, or tips you can give us! Places to eat (keep in mind that we don’t eat meat), places to visit, anything you can recommend! Thank you in advance!

And in terms of the blog and my YouTube channel… I will definitely be vlogging the Disneyland portion of the trip! I will also probably vlog a little in Hawaii showing the excursions and such! But if there’s anything specific you’d like to see in either location, please let me know! I will also probably do a follow up post and video closer to with out actual plans.

I hope you enjoyed my Disneymoon announcement! I was very excited to share, that I couldn’t wait until just before we left! Thank you for joining me today! 🙂

July 1, 2018

A Disney Obsession Turns 3!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but A Disney Obsession is 3! Here’s to celebrating another year of blogging! It’s hard to believe that three years ago today this blog went live! It feels like it’s been a long time, but also it feels like just yesterday that I started this thing.

A Disney Obsession Turns 3!

I cringe a little when looking back at what it fist looked like… remember the pink?

I feel like the layout now suits me SO much better! And I feel like I’ve really found my groove with posting and filming. I plan on doing some behind the scenes blogging/ filming type posts that go more into how I’ve found that balance and routine.


Make sure to sign up for my newsletter, because on Saturday I’ll be sending out a special email with some of my favourite blog posts from the last year! I have plans for the newsletter as well, so make sure to sign up if you haven’t already!

Speaking of my newsletter, if you’ve signed up, what would you like to see? I’ve been neglecting it for a very long time, but really want to be more consistent! I think I’ll start with monthly emails recapping posts, plus extra Disney tips and any news! Let me know what you think!

Looking Back

As usual I will have a post in the coming weeks with some things I learned in my 3rd year of blogging for the other bloggers out there!

I’m excited for the future of the blog, especially with my wedding coming up and a house being built! I have so many ideas for posts, that I’m working into 2019! But if there’s something you’d like to see on the blog, please let me know! I am always open to changing the schedule! 🙂

I feel like I have come a long way since starting the blog. I’m much more confident! Even though it is nice to hide behind my computer sometimes, I’ve become a lot more confident in my writing, my content, and especially filming! It’s hard to believe I just posted Weekend Vlog #66 two days ago! If you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, click here! I still feel self conscious filming in public, by I’m trying not to worry about it! I’m happy to have all of the memories from vlogging, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

A Disney Obsession


This blog would not be where it is today (nor do I think it would still exist) without you! It means the world to me that you read and follow and support everything I’ve started here! I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you. It’s hard to put into words just how much your support means to me, but just know that it is what keeps me going when it’s late at night and a blog post isn’t quite finished yet, or when I don’t feel like setting up my lights and camera, it’s all worth it!


Thank you so much for your support in (my) A Disney Obsession!

April 25, 2018

My 9th Trip to Walt Disney World! (November 2016)

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Welcome to the last Disney Trip Recap! I’ve actually already done a trip recap for this trip (because I was blogging at that point), but I thought it would be fun to revisit this trip about a year and a half later, to see how I remember that trip! I’m going to be sharing everything I still remember from that trip in the video below, and breaking down the main points in bullet form below that. Let’s get started!


The video

The basics

  • November 2016
  • 1st stay as Disney Vacation Club members
  • 1st stay at The Polynesian
  • Ethan and I got engaged!
  • 9 of us on the trip: Me, Ethan, my Mom, my Dad, my sister, her support worker Megan, Ethan’s Mom, Ethan’s Dad, and Ethan’s brother
  • ate at Crystal Palace, Teppan Edo, Tusker House, Be Our Guest, O’hana, Kona Cafe, and Beaches And Cream
  • went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for the first time!
  • I planned the entire trip!
  • met up with my friend Hayley which was so much fun!
  • First time vlogging in the parks
  • First visit during the holiday season!
  • had a “resort day” the day we went to the Christmas Party- and I would highly recommend!
  • first time using the DAS System

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My 9th Trip to Walt Disney World (you’re here!)

Are there any Disney related posts you’d like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you so much for joining me today! And for following this post and video series! I feel like I’ve been writing these posts forever, and I hope you’re ready to see some new Disney related content coming your way!