December 14, 2016

Monthly Favourites- November 2016

Hello everyone! It’s officially my favourite time of year! I love getting cozy on the couch and watching Christmas movies, seeing the lights on my drive home from work and don’t even get me started on how much I love Christmas music! It feels a little weird that a just over a month ago I was in Disney where it was decked out for the holidays! It’s Monthly Favourites time and I’m sharing some of my favourite things from the past month. I sharing everything from entertainment, beauty, and everything else. Okay, let’s get started!

Monthly Favourite November 2016


Moving the McGilivrays- I have been on an HGTV binge lately, I can watch pretty much anything on that channel! I really only caught the last few episodes of this show, but I liked it! If you are not familiar with it, Scott McGillivray and his family look for their forever home, find it, tear it down, and build a monster home. Some of (most of) the house is over the top, but it was neat to the house come together room by room.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- You probably know by now that I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan, so obviously I watched the revival! Ethan was a sport and I watched all of it within the first two days of it’s release. My reaction? I loved it! I laughed, cried (a lot), and don’t even get me started on the final 4 words. After hearing them I burst into tears because I was shocked. No spoilers, but I think that if Sex and the City can get two movies, Gilmore Girls can get another season. I will say one thing, because so many people came back for the revival, I was most excited to see Christopher. Like squealed with excitement when I figured out who Rory was talking to. Who were you most excited to see?


Shisedo Eyelash curler– I have to admit I purchased this over a year ago, and only started using it about two months ago. Man it makes a difference! Mascara is so much easier to apply! I flinched a lot when I first started using it, but I have gotten much better now. Only minimal pinching.  I figured it’s the first step to putting contacts in, which I’ve been avoiding for about 6 months. All I have to do is make an appointment to go back and get used to putting them in and taking them out, and I’ve haven’t called yet. I should really get on that.

Food & Drink

Fruity Pebbles We used for the first time on our trip to Disney, and it worked really well, just not quite in the way we thought (which was on us not them). I thought I would want some Fruity Pebbles one morning so I was going to get the individual portion, but I got the box instead and I’ve been enjoying it as a snack a few nights a week 🙂

Alpine Punch– I’ve mentioned the set of teas I got from David’s Tea a while ago, but I thought I would point out my favourite! It’s great for Fall with hints of apple, cinnamon, ginger and nuts. It’s just makes me feel all warm and cozy!


Disney World- This is an obvious one, but my favourite thing I did in November was go to Walt Disney World! I hope you are enjoying the vlog every Friday, it’s been fun reliving my trip! Don’t forget to Subscribe to get a notification every time I post a video!

Disney shadows

Mugs- Ethan and I got the adorable mugs as an engagement gift from a family friend, and I love them! I’ve seen some variations of the same mugs before but I love how simple these ones are! I also love the handles make a heart!

Cogsworth- I think I’m officially obsessed. I am so happy I picked up Cogsworth when I was in Disney World! He’s adorable, and adds the perfect touch of Disney to the desk in our room.

Cogsworth– I’ve mentioned before how much I like Lauren Conrad, and because I know she got married a few years ago, I went straight to her blog to read EVERYTHING wedding related.

I’m the type of person that didn’t want to know what my ring would look like, and didn’t want to plan my wedding before I got engaged. I had a bit of an idea, but I wanted to leave that excitement for when I was engaged. I don’t have a problem with people who do that, it’s just not me. So now that I’m engaged, I know pretty much nothing about planning a wedding. I’m also the type of person who wants to have all of the information before making a decision, so I’ve been reading everything weeding related for the past month. If you have any tips or reccomendations for me, let me know in the comments!

If you’d like to hear more about my favourites this month, check out the video below!




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What are you most looking forward to most in December? Let me know in the comments!


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December 7, 2016

We’re Engaged!

Hello friends! I’ve been waiting for some pictures to come in before I shared the whole story with you, but as you probably already know Ethan and I are engaged! I’m also sharing some of the engagement pictures we had taken on our trip! Let’s go back to November 6th for the whole story…

We're Engaged!

So it was the first day of our trip, and we were at Magic Kingdom! Some things were going on in the background that I didn’t know about until after, so I’ll share that at the end :). I knew I wanted to see the new “Once Upon A Time” show at 10:45, and I was ready to stay late. We were up around 5am that morning, so after Wishes at 10pm, everyone else headed back to the resort. After Wishes we decided to walk around the hub area to stretch our legs until just before Once Upon a Time started. After we watched that, then walked around a bit more. Ethan asked if I wanted to get a picture in front of the castle, because it was our first night seeing the Christmas Lights on it, and of course I said yes. So we hung out a bit waiting for the park to empty and for the lines for PhotoPass+ photographers to get low. Ethan mentioned that I should take my jacket off (which was ugly and I’m glad I did), but it made me a little suspicious! So after a while we got in line, and then it was our turn to take our picture.

If you’ve ever taken a picture with a PhotoPass photographer, you know they let you put your things near their tripod so your bags aren’t in the picture. So we both went and put our stuff down and the photographer mentioned she was just adjusting her settings and took the camera off the tripod. She had us take a picture with our arms around each other… and I could feel Ethan shaking. So we took the picture and the photographer asked if there was anything else we wanted. Before I knew it Ethan was down on one knee, and he said “Kelsey, I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” and of course I said “Yes!”

Ethan Proposing

Just Engaged

Showing the ring

The moment passed so quickly and it honestly feels like it happened to someone else, but I’m so happy I have pictures of it! As soon as we walked away, I wanted to know everything! It turns out he purchased the ring in MAY, and his parents were hiding the ring! He kicked me out of their room when we changed into Florida clothes and put the ring in his pocket! How sneaky! He also surprised me with one more thing, a photo session Tuesday morning at the Polynesian! We finally got the pictures back so I’m sharing some of my favourites below 🙂




Tuesday was supposed to be our sleep in morning, and it still was for everyone else but not us! I actually got very little sleep on our trip, something about being in Disney makes me wake up before my alarm! The day was had our pictures taken we were up at 6:15 for our 7:30 appointment (that lasted an hour) and we went to bed after midnight, from being at the Christmas party pretty much ’til the end! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I asked Ethan if he wouldn’t mind sharing what it was like for him, so I’ll pass things over to him!


Ethan’s Perspective (and advice)

I bought the ring long before the trip and debated proposing prior to the trip, however because it was Disney and both our families were going to be there it just seemed like the right time to do it. I did a lot of research on my phone during my breaks at work to try and find a way to do it. There are tons of ideas for Disney World proposals online varying from complex to more basic ideas. There are many options that Disney offers to make the event special, however most come with a Disney price tag. I looked for a while and found different ideas that I thought would be cool, but in the end I decided that keeping it simple was going to be my best bet, especially since we were travelling with a larger group and not just the two of us.

In the end I decided what I really wanted was to get it on camera, which I could do with Disney PhotoPass. I knew I wanted to propose early in the trip so I did not have to worry about the ring and could celebrate after the fact. The first day we were going to the Magic Kingdom so it seemed like a good time, I thought proposing in front of the castle would be a nice photo, especially since it would have the Christmas lights. I suggest having an idea that can be adapted as you go, because you can never guarentee how a day at Disney will go.

I originally planned to propose following dinner, but when you are trying to surprise someone that plans as much as Kelsey it can be hard, as plans were quickly made to go to Pirates of the Caribbean after dinner.  So, I then decided I would switch and propose after Wishes, so following the fireworks I asked Kelsey to go for a walk around the hub. Everyone else had gone back to the resort for the night so it was just the two of us. The “walk” I sugessted was actually me looking for a PhotoPass photographer. I walked towards the area that I had planned on and which previously had a PhotoPass location (the rose garden, because we had gotten a picture there in 2012), however it is no longer there after the renovations to the hub. This caused a bit of panic, however I thought I’ll just have to find another spot with a photographer. As we walked I couldn’t find any PhotoPass photographers. The panic started to set in even more. I didn’t know what to do, should I wait for another day?

The problem was I had the Portrait session booked for Tuesday morning, and we were not going to be back at Magic Kingdom before that. We stopped to watch the new projection show on the Castle and I saw some PhotoPass photographers on the outside of the hub, waiting to set up their cameras after the show. I initially saw one that was waiting to set up on the right side of the hub. I was hoping not to have to propose in the middle of the hub because it’s so busy.

After waiting a while the photographer never set-up. So I had to make a choice, propose in the middle of the hub in front of a lot of people or wait for another day. In the end I decided to go for it, after waiting for the initial crow to disperse following the light show I suggested we get in line for a photo in front of the castle. When we got to the front and it was our turn I let Kelsey go ahead and whispered to the photographer that I was going to propose. She was great as she said okay and then made an excuse to take the camera of the tripod. She took a few photos and then asked if there was anything else, which I assumed was my queue. I was very nervous at this point, I got down on one knee and asked Kelsey to marry me, at least in my head, I doubt my speech was very clear. Anyways when it was all said and done I am happy with how it turned out.

Back to Kelsey

I have to admit that I had a feeling we might get engaged at some point during the trip, but I had no idea when or where, and I didn’t want to think about it! I couldn’t think of another place that had meaning for us where he might pop the question, and we’ve been together for over 5 years so the timing felt right! I’m really happy Ethan picked the first night, so we could spend the rest of the trip relaxing and celebrating. I’m really happy that one day when we bring our kids to WDW we can show the exact spot where Ethan got on one knee! I also wanted the ring to be a surprise, so I went out with my Mom in April to see styles that I liked, and my favourite was the one Ethan picked! I love it! 🙂


Poly Lobby

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for the past month, but we are enjoying our time being engaged and slowly starting to plan our wedding! I will definitely share some details with you! We are looking at getting married sometime in 2018, so there’s still lots of time for me to share. 🙂


I’m currently obsessed with wedding blogs, so if you know of any please comment down below!


Thank you so much for reading our story, it means a lot to both of us!

November 30, 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 Haul!

Hello friends! I gathered all of the things I picked up on my Walt Disney World trip to share a haul with you. Gathering things meant not using any of them for a week before I had a chance to film this for you… so let’s just say I’m happy to have got filming over with! I’m proud of myself for not going as crazy as I thought I was going to this trip, plus I still feel like I got a nice group of things! I’ve added links to everything that I could find online. Without further ado, here is my Walt Disney World haul!

Walt Disney World Haul

Chip mug– I usually pick up a new mug on my trips, and because of the number available it’s always a tough choice! This time I went with Chip for Beauty and the Beast, but I was also seriously considering a Splash Mountain one.Chip Mug


Tea- I had been keeping an eye out for this Alice in Wonderland tea set ever since BeingMommyWithStyle picked it up earlier this year. I figured I can try all the kinds they have, and then when I go back buy more of my favourite!
Tea set

Towels- As far as I know I’ve purchased a towel from Walt Disney World every time I’ve been there, so I only had to keep the tradition going! I picked out a mickey pattern one, and also a Polynesian themed one that Ethan has claimed.

Poly Towel

Mickey Towel]

Cogsworth- I just HAD to. He is so adorable, every time I see him I smile!

Cogs worth

Bath Bombs- As I mentioned in my Trip Recap we walked over to the Grand Floridian one day, and I just had to check out Basin. It’s beautiful in there! The adorable soaps are something you should definitely see for yourself! I picked up some bath bombs (I believe 5 or 6), and it was around $20 for however many you could fit in the tube. There are for sure in the tube two Mickey ones, a Satsuma one, but I can’t remember all of the others! I can’t wait to use them, and I know some of them I can break up because they are huge!

Sleeping Masks- Yes, sleeping masks, plural! I originally had one in mind that you can only get from TAG at Disney Springs and we weren’t planning on going this trip. So I found this adorable Minnie one in the store at the Polynesian and picked it up! On our last day we actually ended up going to Disney Spring, so I bought the Haunted Mansion one from TAG. it’s actually the only think I picked up from Disney Springs, so I was proud of myself!

Sleeping Masks

Ornament– Once Ethan and I were engaged I knew I wanted something to commemorate the trip. Because it was our first “Christmas” trip, we picked out a snowman ornament and got the back personalized with the date we got engaged! I think it’s a nice touch and we can get ones with our wedding date and other special dates in the future 🙂


Uh-Oah souvenier glass- When we went to Trader Sam’s I knew I wanted to bring home a glass because they are so cool! Well, we went for the big one, and got an Uh-Oah to share! I feel like it’s more of a bowl than a glass, and could potentially be used as a small planter! It’s definitely different, but I love it!


Ring- Just kidding! I came back with a new ring on my finger but Ethan bought it way before our trip! I think you can say it’s my favourite 🙂

To hear a little more about the things I picked up check out the haul video below:

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at what I brought back from Walt Disney World! What’s a must have souvenir for you? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget Disney Vlogs start Friday! The first video will be up at 6am, and there will be a post on here as your reminder! I really hope you enjoy them 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!