July 6, 2016

June Planner Subscription Boxes

Hello everyone! Instead of writing two posts about the planner subscriptions I got last month, I thought I would combine them into one post. I’m sharing what was in my June Planner Addict box, and the June Scribbles Monthly.


June Planner Addict Box

As you may remember from last month’s unboxing, I have unsubscribed from the Planner Addict Box, so this will be my last post sharing about it. I liked all of the things that I got, but at over $40 per month, I just couldn’t justify it. I also mention in the video a few of my frustrations. Namely, receiving my box more than halfway through the month (when the stickers are generally in the colour scheme of that month in my planner), and how many stickers were in this month (my favourite part, and there were more in this month than any of the other month’s I received). I would rather buy just stickers and save a little bit of money to get them when I can control. You can check out my final unboxing below:

What’s in the Box

The clip is from Peonies Paperie and it’s so cute! I have a carry-all clutch from Erin Condren for my planner and it’s a snug fit, but I like how this clip would still fit because it’s so flexible!

The washi tape, whiteout, pineapple sticky notes, pen, planner clips, and cup cozy are all from Planner Addict Box.

The spread from My Newest Addiction might be my favourite thing in the box. I love the colours and the whole spread just screams summer!

The Papery Bowtique included a spread with some of their most popular items, and I love the bright colours! Because I still live at home I don’t use a lot of the icon stickers, but I’m probably an unusual case. When I have my own place they will come in handy!

Made With Southern Luv’s spread is the one I picked to use first, and I love all the fun sayings! I love weekend banners, and the floral touches they added to the kit.

The last sticker page is from Bella Rose Paper Co, and I think I will use it next week! The cacti are so cute!

Because this month’s box came with so many sticker kits, it was hard picking which one to use! You can see the spread I picked below:

June Spread

After getting this box for 5 months I have a lot of similar items, which is a downside. I think the excitement from subscription boxes have worn off for me, and I might be better of buying things that I can pick and choose and would most likely use all of. That’s just my thought right now, but I may stop all my subscription boxes for a while.

Scribbles Monthly

Scribbles Monthly is a monthly subscription service from Scribble Prints Co. I believe I found the company on Instagram, and have watched a few of Andrea’s plan with me videos, but really like her stickers. I can’t justify going on a spending spree for stickers, especially because I have a Cricut. I think this is a nice way to get some stickers, and I like the surprise! All of the info on the Scribbles Monthly subscription can be found here. The box was $54.88 this month, which is a bit expensive, but part of that is international shipping. Check out my unboxing video below:

There are enough stickers in the kit to do a full spread (like she does in her PWM videos0, or a couple whitespace spreads which you can see below is more my style. It also comes with two extras! I really liked what was in it this month, they only thing I don’t like is the feel of the glossy stickers. I didn’t know that before I got the kit, so it’s not something I could have controlled. Actually- each box comes with glossy stickers. Overall, I’m happy with this box! I am already getting one this month (it could be delayed with a possible Postal Strike), and will show you when it comes! If I still don’t love the glossy stickers then I may re-evaluate, but I will wait until I receive it to make a decision. Below is an example of one of the spreads I made with this kit:

Scribbles Spread


I hope you enjoyed a look at this month’s planner accessories roundup, which was your favourite? Let me know if you’d be interested to see how I plan in the comments!

Also if you haven’t entered already, my first giveaway ends at midnight! You can get to that post by clicking here. Good luck!

As always, thank you for reading!

July 1, 2016

1 Year of A Disney Obsession!

What? When did this happen?! A Disney Obsession is 1!


I absolutely cannot believe this blog has been live for a whole year! I remember when I came up with the idea and spend hours trying to get things just how I wanted them to look. I remember brainstorming posts and writing all over the place! I thought I would take a quick look back, and talk a little bit about what blogging for a year means to me! First off, remember this?

A Disney Obsession Original


I was so proud to have designed something all by myself, and now I cringe a little looking at it. I never liked the pink, and by the time the blog theme changed, I was SO READY to look at something else! And now here we are:

A Disney Obsession 2.0

It suits me so much more! I’m still in love with the “new” look, how many months later!


Thank You!!!

I really just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to YOU! My readers! I had absolutely no idea what to expect when this blog went live, and I didn’t know if I would give up, or forget about it, or just have nothing to post about! In the last year I have learned SO much about myself, and I really do enjoy sitting down at my computer each week to write a new post!

A Few Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

Looking back I really can’t believe how much I’ve grown, and the things that I learned about myself. I’ve grown to be more confident (otherwise I wouldn’t have a YouTube channel). I’ve learned how dedicated I can be (I believe I’ve only missed a single week of posting). I’ve learned that I like to be need to be organized, and I’ve learned what ways works for me! I’ve learned to look ahead and manage my time (so I’m not typing late into the night before a post goes up). And maybe the most important thing I’ve found, is my voice. I plan on talking a little more about this in an upcoming post, but I really have this blog to thank for that.


I want to hear from you!

If I could change one thing about the blog, I’d want to interact more! I want this to be a place where you can share things and talk to me! I don’t want this request to come off as me demanding anything, but my hope is to create a community! Whether it’s here on the blog or through social media, let’s keep in touch! Let me know what you like to see on the blog, because it really helps to have feedback. I really do appreciate everyone who reads what I type, and I want to give that back, and give you content that you enjoy!

If you haven’t already, make sure to enter the giveaway from Wednesday’s post! Click here to get to that post!

From the bottom of my heart I really just want to thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I have so much planned, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Cheers to the next year!



June 30, 2016

Erin Condren 2016 Haul!

GUYS. Today feels like Christmas! I’m sharing my Erin Condren haul for this year, including my 2017 Life Planner! I got a couple other things as well, and I’m sharing it all with you. I’m also sharing some of my thoughts about ordering on launch day (June 1st).

Erin Condren Haul!

Check out my haul video below:


My 2017 Life Planner

Because my current Life Planner goes through the end of the year, I decided to go with the 12 month version (Jan-Dec 2017). I like to finish things completely, and because I already have things in the last 6 months of my planner, I didn’t want it to go to waste even though it’s only $5 for the additional 6 months. I think Erin Condren should offer a planner that goes from July-July to avoid this problem. Currently they offer July 2016-December 2017, or January 2017-December 2017. If you buy at any time for the rest of this year, for an additional $5 you can get the remaining months of the year. I also learned that they charged $5 for cover personalization, which I think is not right. Erin Condren products are all about personalization, so I do not think there should be an upcharge for this. When you buy extra cover, you are not charged for personalization. I will be emailing them about this, because I was not happy to learn this.

They changed things up this year, offering different colour schemes, as well as choosing your own coil and layout (vertical, horizontal, or hourly). While I liked the neutral theme, the colours are really what attracted me to the planners in the first place. They are just so pretty! I chose the colourful theme and vertical layout, with a rose gold coil. You can choose either platinum, gold, or rose gold for your coil. The rose gold coil or gold coil is an additional $10. I walk through the planner in the video, so take a look above if you are interested!

2017 Life Planner

Inside The Planner

Interchangeable Covers

Journals (Notebooks)

When these were released I definitely looked and waited until the Life Planner launch so I could grab everything together. I decided to get 2 notebooks, 1 for anything to do with my bakery, and one for everything else. I have filled up a few of the pages at the back of my planner, but wanted a little bit more space where I can make lists to my heart’s content. I chose to get the lined journals, instead of the dot grid option, and I can’t wait to use them! I decided to get the second notebook to match my planner 🙂 The colour I chose for the journal and extra covers for my planner are in Dusk- the closest to the actual design.

The difference between the Journal and notebooks are the binding. The notebooks are spiral bound (like the Life Planners). I decided to try the journals, and I will report back on how I like writing in them!



I got two snap in dashboards to try out, and I will definitely let you know what I think if them, and which one I end up using! The first one is for meal planning, with sections for each day of the week to write meals, and the back is for a grocery list! I’ve learned how much easier it is to grocery shop when meal planning, and I think I will definitely use this when I have my own place. The second is just blank, so I’m not quite sure what I will use it for, but I’m sure I will find something! They both work with wet erase markers.


Ordering on Launch Day

This was my first time ordering on launch day, and I definitely learned a lot! First of all, even getting the website to load was a tall task. I can’t imagine how many people were trying to access the website at the same time. It became very frustrating because once you were on the website it was very slow and kept crashing. Once I had all the items in my cart, checking out was difficult as well. Once I finally got to the checkout page and had entered my credit card information, the site crashed! I had my email open to see if it went through (looking for a confirmation number), and had nothing, so I tried again. The same thing happened. So I gave up on it for a while. I came back a couple hours later and when I logged into my account my cart was empty. The order had been placed- twice! I emailed customer service right away and was nervous that I was going to get two shipments of the exact same things, all personalized with my name on it! I didn’t receive my confirmation emails until that evening, and I received two emails! Luckily I heard back from customer service the next day and got the duplicate order cancelled. I was so relieved and thanked them very much for their great customer service- I can only imagine how busy they were! After watching other haul videos, it turns out the duplicate orders didn’t just happen to me. It’s something I think Erin Condren could have prevented and should have been more organized to avoid.

What I took from all of this: don’t order on launch day! The earliest you planner is going to start is July, and shipping only takes a few weeks, so you can most definitely wait! I’m glad I figured this out and am happy to share my experience with you!



I’m super excited to announce my first giveaway! To celebrate with other organize-loving people and also to celebrate the 1st birthday of A Disney Obsession on Friday (can you believe it?!), I’m giving away a journal!

Giveaway Journal

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ONE winner will receive an Erin Condren Journal! No purchase necessary. This giveaway is not sponsored. The giveaway will run for one weeks time until July 8th at 12 AM EST. If under the age of 18, please ask parental permission before entering. This giveaway is open internationally. I will email the winner directly, and announce the winner in this blog post!


If you would like $10 off your first Erin Condren order, use this link!


I hope you enjoyed a look at my haul, let me know what you would use the most in the comments!

As always, thank you so much for reading!