February 10, 2016

How I Stay Organized

Today I wanted to take you behind the scenes! I wanted to show you how I stay organized with working full time, having a blog, and doing cakes on the side. This is my planner, and I love it.

How I Stay Organized

I am a huge fan of to-do lists and physically writing things down. When I was in college I had an agenda that I used to keep track of everything. Once I graduated, I fumbled around trying to keep track of things in my phone, and it just wasn’t working. Then a vlogger I watch regularly posted on Instagram about a planner she just bought, by Erin Condren. So I went on YouTube and typed it in. Holy cow. It’s like a cult, there were so many results! Then I saw another vlogger that I watch regularly has one, so I really wanted one.

I caved and bought the vertical life planner for 2015-2016 (July 2015-December 2016.) One of the things I love about it is there is space for everything. I use a box for personal things, a box for the blog, and a box for any orders or baking I have to do. And it’s pretty! Below is an example of the weekly spread:

Weekly Spread

As you can see I decorate it a little, but definitely don’t go as far as some people where you can’t see any paper there are so many stickers! I like to spend some time on Sundays filling out the week with the workouts and meal prep I want to do, cleaning around the house, things I want to do for the blog, and baking (look at the adorable mixer sticker!).



Since I got the planner in July I have notice a huge difference! I feel more organized and on top of things (I have anxiety and need to know what’s going on) and even Ethan has noticed a difference.

If you are interested I laid out all of the accessories I have for my planner, including pens and stickers, washi tape and other accessories I’ve bought from Erin Condren.

Carry-all Clutch

I bought the carry-all clutch for my planner to protect it because I take it everywhere! I actually convinced my sister to buy it for me (thanks Alex! :)) and love it.

The pens I use are and they are erasable! I like using pens because I can use a different colour in each section, plus if I make a mistake I can easily fix it. For a while I used pens by Staedtler, but they didn’t write as nicely as I liked, and I had to use whiteout when I messed up.


I have a fairly small washi tape collection, and always want more. I’m making myself use some of it up before I buy more, because I won’t be able to fit it all in my little bag! I got the holiday ones from Michaels, and I believe the rest are from DeSerres.

Washi Tape

I actually bought a Cricut Explore so I could make my own sticker because shipping to Canada on Etsy is expensive! I made all of the ones on this weekly spread except for the mixer and the grocery bag (they are from Paper Loving Mommy on Etsy, I love her stuff but just can’t justify the shipping cost!) I look forward to seeing what else the Cricut can do, so let me know if you are interested in seeing the things I create with it!

I also have a few covers for the planner, to switch out for holidays and other occasions.

Planner Covers

Yes I realized this whole post is about my planner, but it is the secret to staying organized! A lot of people don’t really understand how much work it is to have a blog, so I wanted to let you in on my secret! (I guess it’s not really a secret anymore, ha!) If you are looking at my planner and thinking it might be for you, click here to check them out, and receive $10 off!

How do you stay organized? Let me know in the comments!

If you are interested in seeing more behind the scenes things, or want to know about something in particular,  please let me know and I will try and post about it!

PS I hope you are liking the blogs new look!

Thanks for reading,

February 9, 2016

Surprise! A Disney Obsession 2.0

Surprise! The blog has had a makeover! Welcome to A Disney Obsession 2.0! I was definitely ready for a change, and I feel like the new look suits me a lot better. The green ever reminds me of my favourite mermaid, Ariel! I hope you like the new look, and take a minute to look around!

Thanks for checking out A Disney Obsession 2.0! 🙂

July 1, 2015


I guess you could say I’m obsessed. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Disney. Clothes, bedding, a Mickey Mouse bathroom (which is still in my house in all it’s glory), VHS tapes, DVD’s and Walt Disney World Vacations.

Blue Jays

See the Mickey on my shirt? And yes I’m from Toronto!

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