July 19, 2017

My Disney Bucket List

I’ve had this idea for a while, and today is the day! I thought it would be fun to make a list of Disney things I’d love to do, and a little bit of the why behind it. Some are more likely to happen than others, but it’s just for fun so why not! I encourage you to leave your list in the comments as well! I’ve also included a video at the bottom if you’d rather hear me talk about the items on the list. Curious to see what’s on my Disney Bucket list? Then let’s get started!

disney bucket list


Dine at Victoria and Albert’s- This definitely won’t be happening anytime soon because of the price tag that comes with dining here, but it would be a great dining experience I’m sure! If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, Victoria and Albert’s is a restaurant at the Grand Floridian, and is fine dining at it’s finest (hehe).

Stay at all the Walt Disney World DVC resorts- since becoming DVC members last year, this becomes much more of a possibility! The only hard thing? I love the Polynesian so much, I would miss it if I didn’t get to stay there! But I hope to be able to try them all at some point! Plus, Disney just announced they will be adding a new DVC Resort! Yay!

My Disney Bucket List

Visit Disneyland- I’ve never been to the original Magic Kingdom, and I’d love to see it! I’d love to go on rides that are only in that park, as well as the ones that are in Walt Disney World as well! It would be really fun to be able to compare the different parks, and I really hope I get to see these parks at some point!

Dine at Club 33- The private club that only members can dine at, and the only place that serves alcohol inside Disneyland Park! The odds of this happening are very low, but I can dream!

Visit Aulani- A Disney resort in Hawaii? Count me in!

Visit the International Disney Parks!- Disneyland Paris, Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland! I really doubt all of these will happen, but why not add it to the list! I think the one I would be most likely to visit would be in Paris, because I’ve never been and it’s definitely a city I want to see!

Run in a RunDisney race- I’ve heard that the RunDisney races are really well done, and I’d love to do one! I’m currently training for a 15K in October, so maybe if I keep it up I can do one “easily”.

Go on a Disney cruise- I’ve wanted to go on a Disney Cruise since I was a kid! I’m pretty sure this will happen eventually, but I’m just not sure when.

My Disney Bucket List

Stay in a room with a view of Cinderella Castle- on our last trip, we didn’t have a view of the castle from our room at the Polynesian, but if you leaned over the balcony (safe, I know) I could see the fireworks at night! I think it would be so neat to look out of your room and see the castle in the morning. Ideally I would want to stay at Bay Lake Tower or the Contemporary, but a view from anywhere would be pretty amazing! One of the things I loved about staying at the Polynesian was being able to see the castle, and hear the toots from the train at Magic Kingdom! I felt so close to the magic!

Stay in Cinderella castle suite- Another one that will probably never happen, but I can dream! The pictures of the suite in Cinderella Castle are amazing, it would be so cool to get to stay in there!

4 parks in one day- This would be really fun to do, although probably tiring depending on how much you would want to do in each park. I feel like I’m not at the point of going to the park often enough to “take out” a day from my schedule to do this, but maybe someday!

Surf School at Typhoon Lagoon- I just think this is so cool, and a safe way to learn to surf (aka no sharks!). It happens before the park opens, and they can actually control the waves to help beginners!

Take Ethan to the Water Parks I’ve been to the water parks, although it’s been 10 years! I’d like to go to the water parks with Ethan, and show him what they are about!

Wild Africa trek/ more tours!- I’ve done the Keys to the Kingdom tour which I would highly recommend, so it would definitely be fun to do some more tours at some point! Wild Africa Trek is the one at Animal Kingdom where you suit up in a harness and go on bridges over the animals! I think that would be pretty amazing to do.

I might have something up my sleeve to cross some of these things off, but you’ll just have to wait to find out! As I eventually check some of these things off the list, I may come back and add things, and actually cross them off on here, and link to any posts that I may have written about them!

If you want to hear a little more about the items on my Disney Bucket List, check out the co-ordinating video below!


Thanks for joining me today to check out my Disney bucket list! Don’t forget to share what’s on your Disney bucket list in the comments!



June 28, 2017

How to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World in Summer

Hello friends, and Happy Wednesday! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve had a blog post that is Disney related, so today I’m sharing some Disney tips! While it still isn’t officially summer yet, it’s definitely hot in Walt Disney World! Today I’m sharing TEN tips that will help keep you cool if you are headed to the parks this summer! I’ve never been to Walt Disney World during the summer months, but I have been when it’s hot, so these tips have come in handy! Okay, let’s get started!

Walt Disney World

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head to the parks early

Heading to the parks early if possible is great for many reasons. The parks will be less crowded so you can get more done, and have some of the more popular things done before it gets too hot. Combine this with the third tip, and you have yourself my ideal Disney day!

See a show type attraction

Head inside! I love hitting Carousel of Progress during the heat of the day, and shows like Universe of Energy (although it’s 45 minutes long), Voyage of the Little Mermaid, It’s Tough to Be A Bug, Finding Nemo The Musical, Country Bear Jamboree, The American Adventure, Impressions de France, and O Canada! are all good options to get you out of the heat! Nothing like a little break in the afternoon 🙂


take a break

Being at the parks from opening until closing can be fun, but exhausting! If you are heading to the parks early in the morning, it’s nice to head back to your hotel in the hot hours of the day to relax a bit, or take a nap. Ethan and I have done that on some of the trips we’ve taken by ourselves, and it definitely helps to break up the day so you don’t feel like you are running on empty by the end of your trip!

hit the pool or water parks

If you are taking a break, you can use that time to cool off in the pool, or head to the water parks for the day/a few hours! The water parks are nice if you have the time, but I wouldn’t suggest taking a day away from the major parks to visit Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. The nice thing about Disney Resorts is they all have pools, which usually have games for the kids. It’s nice to cool of in the pool during the summer for sure!

drink lots of water

Disney restaurants give free ice water, so take advantage of it! I always carry a water bottle with me (mostly because I hate the taste of Dasani), but we fill it up in the room before we head out, and use the water fountains at the parks! Don’t worry, we use a water bottle with a filter. I’ve linked the one we use (just click on the picture below).

have some ice cream!

If you are on vacation, you might as well eat some ice cream! I love having ice cream in the afternoon when it’s hot. And Mickey shaped ice cream? Even better!

buy a cooling towel

They sell these everywhere, but I’ve linked one from Amazon below (just click on the picture). Basically you wet in and it keeps you cool, which can be really helpful in the summer! And when it stops being colder than the outside air, just wet it again and you are good to go!

make dining reservations for the hottest hours of the day

This tip and the next one involve a little bit of pre-planning, which you are most likely going to do if you are visiting Walt Disney World anyways. Table service restaurants are inside in the air conditioning, so you might want to considering making a lunch reservation to keep you out of the heat during the early afternoon and hottest hours of the day. You can also head to a quick service restaurant, but might end up waiting for a bit depending on crowds. Another suggestion is snagging a lunch Be Our Guest reservations, where you can see the restaurant (especially if you can’t get a dinner reservation), and you get out of the heat and have a less expensive meal. This is what we did on our last trip, (it was pretty hot for November) and it worked really well!

make fastpass+ reservations for the hottest parts of the day

This is also a way to make the most of FastPass+, because regular lines are generally the longest in the afternoon, which is also the hottest time of the day. Especially if you get to the park early, you can make FastPass+ reservations for the middle of the day, so you know you will get on some rides for sure, and be out of the heat!


Hit the Attractions with indoor play areas

If you are travelling with kids, this tip will help keep your kids cool, and give you a little break as well! Rides like Dumbo, Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends all have something in common. Either before (Dumbo) or after (everything else) you ride, your kids can play games inside!

The nice thing about Walt Disney World is most of the queues for attractions are inside, where there is air conditioning or fans blasting. At Disneyland in Califonia, most of the queues are outside. They don’t deal with humidity and the storms they get in Florida, but it’s something to be thankful for in Walt Disney World!

Have you ever been to Walt Disney World in the heat of summer? What are your tips to stay cool? Let me know in the comments!

That wraps up my tips for how to stay cool Walt Disney World in summer! If you are headed there this summer, hopefully you can use some of my tips for and enjoy a cooler day! Thank you so much for reading!



June 14, 2017

Monthly Favourites- May 2017

Happy June everyone! I can’t believe summer is almost here! I love the warm weather, and being outside instead of inside! It’s monthly favourites time again, and I’m sharing some of my favourite things from the past month. From entertainment, clothing, beauty, and a few Disney things, I’m sharing it all! Okay, let’s jump in!

monthly favourites


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- I’m going to admit that I haven’t seen the entire first GOTG, but I enjoyed the second one! If someone could find Baby Groot and tell him to come live with me I’d appreciate it :). I think the story was a little predictable, but it continued the feeling the first one delivered (from the parts of the original I saw).

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn- This is a book by the author of Gone Girl, and I flew through it! It’s more of a murder mystery (which I guess Gone Girl was), but even darker. I won’t give too much away, but after kind of numbing my brain of the fact the book was about children being murdered, I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what had happened!

It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman- I read this right after Sharp Objects, and this one definitely had a lighter subject matter. Andi wrote about her experiences on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and talking about what went on after filming wrapped and she was engaged. I remember watching Andi’s season, and when she and her fiancé Josh went to the premiere of Chris’ season, then announced their split later that week. It was interesting to get the backstory. Of course I’m only hearing one side, but I can definitely picture everything she said happened, happening.


Café Forty Seven “I Like My Coffee Gilmore Sized” sweater Okay I know it’s June and I’m talking about a sweater, but it’s SO SOFT, plus I ordered it back in February and got it now. It was also fairly cold in May. Plus, it’s Gilmore Girls inspired! I love the colour!

Monthly favourites

Robe– My Aunt spoiled me and picked up a robe from the Banff Springs Hotel for my birthday! I’m a lucky girl! I’d been wanting a nice fluffy robe to wear and this is perfect! It’s super soft!


Sweet Peach Glow palette by Too Faced- I picked this up in the Sephora Spring Sale, and I’m definitely using it! More the blush and the highlighter (I’m a little scared I’ll get too intense of a look with the contour), but I’m really enjoying it! plus, it smells like peaches. That just has to make you happy!

Sephora Spring Sale


Nike+ coach- If you have watched my weekend vlogs, you’ll know that Ethan and I have signed up for a 15K race in October! My boss suggested the Nike+ coach section of the app (which I already use the app), and I’m loving it! It takes all of the guess work out of a training schedule, and I’ve been doing pretty well! It’s based on the date and distance of your race, plus how many miles per week you run, and how many times per week you run. You even get a progress report at the end of each week!


May was a month of change at Walt Disney World, and I thought I would mention a few things that have me all the feels last month.

Wishes- Wishes left the Magic Kingdom near the beginning of May, and it was really sad for me! Wishes is the only Magic Kingdom fireworks show I remember, and I’ve seen it at so many points in my life! I’m definitely going to miss it. Ethan and I attempted to watch the final show live via Periscope!

may monthly favourites

Happily Ever After– While I’m not going to comment much on the actual replacement show (because I haven’t seen it on person), I am mentioning how obsessed I am with the song! It’s so good! Disney just has a way of moving you when it comes to music.

monthly favourites


If you’d like to hear more about my favourites this month, check out the co-ordinating video below!



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I’d love to hear what you enjoyed in May, let me know in the comments! I’m definitely on a reading kick as well, so if you have any good book recommendations I’ll take them!

Thank you so much for joining me today!