October 9, 2019


Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I’m super excited for today’s post, because it’s a trip announcement! I’ll be sharing where I’m headed next, and when I’m going! Okay, let’s get right to it!


If you’ve been following the saga that has been building our home, you’ll know that earlier this year we were delayed to January 2020. We had hoped to be in our house now, so that was a huge bummer. I needed something to look forward to, so a trip was booked!


Ethan and I had been talking about our vacations for the next few years, and had discussed a Disney Cruise a few years down the line. Our house being delayed bumped that up and we are going on a Disney Cruise!!!! But that’s not all! Because the cruise is out of Port Canaveral that is not too far from Walt Disney World, we are also visiting Walt Disney World for a few days!!!

Winter at Walt Disney World

I’m so so so excited for this vacation and am counting down the days. I should note that we are making this a land and sea adventure on our own, you can book packages through Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World, but we didn’t for this trip.

Here’s what our trip will look like:

November 13th we fly into Orlando and stay in Walt Disney World for 2 nights. My parent have been nice enough to give us some Disney Vacation Club points to stay on property, and we are staying somewhere new!

We originally booked at Saratoga Springs because it was all that was available for our dates, and because you can go on a wait list for 2 resorts, we chose 2 with the same point value for the stay: Copper Creek at Wilderness Lodge and Bay Lake Tower. Well in just over a week one came through! So we are staying in the Magic Kingdom area again and I can’t wait!

My advice to fellow Disney Vacation Club members: always book a wait list, there is no downside and you never know if it will come through!

After what I’m sure will be a whirlwind 2 days at Walt Disney World, on November 15th we will be taking the bus from our resort to Port Canaveral to board our first Disney Cruise! It’s a 3 Night Very Merrytime Bahamian cruise, and we’ve taken pretty much the cheapest room you can get. But I don’t care because we are going on a cruise!

Ethan has never been on a cruise before so we figured starting small would be a good idea! I’ve never been on a Disney cruise, but went on 2 Carnival cruises (that were hosted by a company called Sixthman and John Mayer so it was basically a music festival on a boat), so this will be my first “normal” cruise. We know it’s going to be short, but we are going to try and soak up everything that we can!

When we arrive back in Port Canaveral on November 18th, we are renting a car to go back to Walt Disney World to try and see as much of Galaxy’s Edge as we can! We don’t fly out until the evening, so we should have a few hours and I snagged a reservation for Oga’s Cantina the day they were available!

It’s definitely going to be a whirlwind, but I’m so excited to get my Disney fix! I have been keeping this secret since April so I’m happy to finally put it out there, and I’ll have more detailed posts of our plans coming up before we leave. Then there’s be vlogs, Disney Cruise Line content and more!

If you’d like to hear how excited I am instead of read it, check out the video below:

Did you guess where we were headed? Have you been on a Disney Cruise? Leave any tips of tricks in the comments!


Thank you so much for reading!




  1. Omg that’s gonna be so fun!!

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