February 29, 2020

House Update: February 2020 & I’m Taking a Break

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Today I thought I would catch you up on the latest house news, and also share that I’m going to take a bit of a blogging break. Let’s jump in!

Okay, so it’s been a LONG journey to finally get here, and I’ll link all of the different house updates below if you want to go back to the beginning. But, we are finally out of our contract with the new build townhouse. Here’s the short version: we purchased in October 2016 with an original closing date of October 2018. We received delay after delay, up until the week before the end of our contract, and then another delay months after the end of our contract. We picked out all of our decor options and upgrades. The foundation was poured.¬† But it still wasn’t finished.


So we walked away, and got all of our money back. To explain the process, once we reached the end of our contract we had a 30 day period to either sign on and extend the contract, or give notice that you are terminating the agreement. So we terminated, and after what felt like a month but was really 10 days, we got our deposits and delayed compensation back. But not without them telling us it would be ready Monday at 5pm then at 3pm saying oh no sorry it will be ready Tuesday. (Cue Kelsey bursting into tears).


But WE.ARE.FREE!!! It’s been a really frustrating and long 3 years, but I think we are going to find something even better. We are ready to move, like now, and as well as a number of other reasons we are excited to be house hunting. And we are not going for a new build, we are looking for a resale house we can make ours.



And I’m so excited! We met with our real estate agent last week, and are ready to start looking. We need to be patient (which is the last thing we want to do haha), but we know we will find our perfect house.


So this is probably it for house updates for a while, and who knows, maybe the next one will be sharing that we have a new house! But since we are house hunting and that can be crazy at times I wanted to talk about something else…


I’m taking a break

For the first time in almost 5 years of blogging, I’m going to take a break from posting. I want my schedule to be as clear as possible for house hunting, and I just don’t feel like I can do that while still putting out new content. So I hope you understand, and for now I’m planning for it just to be for the month of March.


But I’ll be working on some stuff in the background, and working on a blogging course that I want to dedicate some more time to. So you might even see some updated posts or some blog improvements!

Blogging is a funny thing because it’s self imposed pressure, and with everything going on I’ve just felt a little overwhelmed. So while I know it will be weird to not be working on new posts for a bit, I just know that I need a break.


If you’d like to hear more about the house, check out the video below!


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I hope you can understand, and check back here at the beginning of April to see if there are new posts! For now, I hope you are well, and I’ll see you in a bit!


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