October 12, 2019

House Update: October 2019- Upgrades & Decor!

Hello friends, I hope your day s going well! Today I’m back with another house update after we had our structural/decor appointment a few weeks ago. I’ll be sharing some pictures of what we picked and share our experience. Okay, let’s get started!

I don’t think I’ve really hidden the fact that this whole process hasn’t been easy (it’s been almost 3 years at this point which is insane), and unfortunately this appointment wasn’t what we thought it would be. I’ll sprinkle in some of the pictures of the centre as a whole, and the selections we had. I also apologize for the quality of the pictures, they are from my phone!

The first thing we were told was that the exterior elevation (basically the finish) has changed. Without our knowledge to this point and there isn’t anything we can do about it. It’s no longer the house we bought and it’s disappointing. We also found out that due to the grading we can’t have a door from the house to the garage which SUCKS.

Next we found out that everyone else had more “incentives” than we did. When we purchased, were were given three options and chose one. I guess ask for more if you are in the same position. I still haven’t wrapped my head around why the decor person disclosed this to us, but I guess I’m writing this so someone else could learn from our mistake.

Now we started with the selections. If you’ve ever been to one of these appointments, prices are ridiculously high, and you want to focus on things that would be hard to do after moving in. We weren’t given any information ahead of time, but tried to think of what we would want. Things like pot lights, smooth ceilings, a breakfast bar, potentially staining hardwood floors, things like that.

The appointment was all over the place and really unorganized. There was not enough time to see everything an I doubt we saw half of the options.

We were pretty shell shocked when we heard the prices, and at some points you really just had to laugh. We went with a lot of the standard options, with the exception of a few things. Over $300 for a single pot light. Like crazy. They also couldn’t tell us where lights, light switches and outlets would be.

Okay, to try and keep this post somewhat positive, I’ll put the pictures in and explain as best I can what each item is, and I’ll list the items that we upgraded.



  • added one light over the kitchen island to either split for pendant lights or get a branched light
  • stain for hardwood on main floor and stairs
  • quartz counter tops and breakfast bar in kitchen
  • under mount sink for quartz counter tops
  • upgraded faucet for under mount sink for quartz counter top (see how things can add up quickly?)
  • upgraded kitchen cabinets to a nicer white finish
  • extended kitchen cabinets (making them taller)
  • upgraded cabinets for master bathroom and main bathroom upstairs
  • upgraded tile in master bathroom
  • glass enclosure for master bathroom shower
  • microwave provisions (cabinet and electrical)

going clockwise: floor stain, kitchen cabinets, quartz counter, floor tile

our kitchen cabinets with knobs

going clockwise: shower tile, bathroom cabinets, upstairs carpet, bathroom floor tile, middle: bathroom counters, square tiles are shower floor and white line is grout.

kitchen layout

our sink


If you’d like to hear more about our experience than read it, check out the video below!

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Unfortunately this hasn’t gone the way we thought, and we are really looking forward to February at this point because we will know by the end of January if the house is going to be finished or not. I think the appointment was positive in that we got to see what our tastes are and the look we would be going for in any house, so we know that for the future no matter what.

I’m not sure when the next update will be, but I will post when I can. Thank you so much for following along!


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