September 18, 2019

My Morning Routine

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, I’m back with my morning routine today! I’m sharing what a normal weekday looks like for me from when I wake up to when I head to work. I’ll write out what my schedule looks like and also share a video at the bottom of the post. Okay, let’s get started!


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7AM:wake up

I wake up at 7AM every day. I started getting up a bit earlier when I started the 80 Day Obsession so I had enough time for the workouts, and now I find I wake up easily. I usually lay in bed for a few minutes and scroll social media, then go to the washroom and get ready for my workout!

7:15- workout

Next, I get my workout for the day in! On this day cardio was on the schedule for 80 Day Obsession (I’m in Phase 2 of my second round), and I’m substituting running for those videos. It was surprisingly chilly on the morning I filmed this, but I went outside and ran. I’m running a 5K loop and slowly getting better (although my running hasn’t been super consistent in the last few months). I get back home around 8, and I cool down and stretch before jumping in the shower. I use this watch to track my runs and other workouts.

8:20-9AM breakfast & coffee

Now it’s time to eat! Because I work out so quickly after waking up I don’t eat before, and I’m used to it now. Lately I’ve been making peanut butter cup overnight oats for breakfast (I mentioned them in this post) and I heat them up and add sliced banana and some chocolate chips. If I’m not eating that I’ll usually have an english muffin with some eggs. I spend the next 40ish minutes watching tv and relaxing. I like having this time in the morning to relax and watch a show, I’m currently watching Parks and Recreation!

9AM- Get ready!

At 9 I head back downstairs to get ready. In a half hour I get dressed, do my makeup and my hair. I did a get ready with me a few years ago, and not much has changed! If you’d like to see an updated one, let me know! I use a curling wand for my hair and it takes me about 10 minutes, and I can get a few days out of it.

9:30- head out the door

After I’m ready I brush my teeth, open the blinds in our room and make the bed. My husband leaves for work right around the time I get up, so we don’t spend much time together in the mornings! I enjoy weekends even more because we drink our coffee together :). Then I put on my jewelry for the day, pack my lunch and head out the door!

If you’d like to see my morning routine, check out the video below!

What’s your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my morning routine! I’ll be back next month sharing my evening routine!




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