December 30, 2015

Not to Miss at Walt Disney World: for the Thrill Seeker

Last week I introduced the Not to Miss Series. If you missed the first post, you can read that here. So let’s continue with the thrill seeker. This list will contain all the “big” rides, and will be sorted by park. Fastpass+ is a really good idea for these attractions, because they are some of the most popular rides in Walt Disney World. If you want to know more about Fastpass+, read this post. Okay, let’s get started!

 Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad– This coaster is the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness! As one of the three mountains of the Magic Kingdom, it’s a must for thrill seekers. The line is generally shorter at night, so if you want to ride during the day, use Fastpass+ or ride during the first hour after park opening.

Space Mountain- A rollercoaster in the dark? That would be Space Mountain! A really fun ride that goes very fast, great for daredevils! This one scares me when I ride in the front, because I scream like crazy through the twists, turns and drops! Use Fastpass+ for this one or ride first thing in the morning or late at night.

Splash Mountain- If you read my top 10 favourite attractions part 1 and part 2, you know where Splash Mountain stands! The big drop is always fun, and the teasers drops just add to it! I like to get Fastpass+ for the middle of the day when it’s the warmest, and when getting soaked will be the most refreshing!

Seven Dwarf Mine Train- This is the newest ride in Magic Kingdom, and while it doesn’t go upside down, it does go pretty fast! It is definitely one of the smoothest rollercoasters I’ve ever been on. And one more thing, the cars swing! Fastpass+ for sure, or ride in the first hour after park opening or late at night. Otherwise you may be looking at a 90+ minute wait!

Welcome to the Briar Patch!

Welcome to the Briar Patch!


Mission: Space- The technology of this attraction is really cool, you feel like you are blasting off and everything! There are two intensities; green (low), and orange (high). If you are at all worried or have a sensitive stomach, go with green. I don’t find orange bad at all, but they hype it up which made me nervous my first time. Fastpass+ is not required, but the orange line can get long.

Test Track- Design your vehicle and test it on the course. The course happens to end with you speeding at 65mph on the outside of the building! Definitely something for the thrill seeker in your party. Ride during the first hour of the day, or use Fastpass+.

Soarin’-  Soar high above California (and coming next summer, the world!) and feel the wind on your face. the smells are amazing! Ride during the first hour of the day, or use Fastpass+

End your day of thrills at Epcot with Illuminations: Reflections of Earth!

End your day of thrills at Epcot with Illuminations: Reflections of Earth!

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror- Ride in an elevator, and enter The Twilight Zone. There are lots of unexpected drops with this one! Ride early in the morning or use Fastpass+.

Rock’n’Rollercoaster- Go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. If that doesn’t speak to a thrill seeker, maybe some going upside down while blasting Aerosmith will! Ride shortly after park opening, or use single rider lane or Fastpass+.

At Hollywood Studios, I usually try to do Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Rollercoaster right after the park opens. You have to run around a little but it gets the busiest rides out of the way!

Enter... if you dare!

Enter… if you dare!

Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids- This raft rode twists and turns, and you never know who will get soaked! There is one big drop, hopefully you aren’t on the wrong side! I use Fastpass+ so I can experience this during the hottest part of the day.

Expedition Everest- Can you brave the mountain? The hill offers amazing views of Walt Disney World, so try to look around! The speed, backwards and forwards are always fun, but watch out for the Yeti! I love to ride Expedition Everest first thing when the park opens, and do it 3 or 4 times in a row! If you can’t be there for park opening, use Fastpass+.

Dinosaur- Head back in time and help get a dinosaur, but avoid the big one! Fastpass+ isn’t generally needed for this one. Being completely honest, I hate this ride. It’s probably the only ride in WDW I hate. But that’s because I hate dinosaurs, and am terrified of them.

Primeval Whirl- Probably the only somewhat good thing to come to Dino-Rama in Animal Kingdom, this ride is a mix between the teacups and a roller coaster. It’s a little jerky but definitely makes you laugh! The line isn’t usually very long for this one, so I just wait in line.

See? I really hate dinosaurs.

See? I really hate dinosaurs.

You can see that for most of these attractions you should use Fastpass+. Because that isn’t always possible it is important to be at the parks when they open, which is usually my strategy in the parks.

What’s your favourite “big” ride at Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!


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