September 26, 2018

Our Love Story

Hello everyone! I hope you are well! Today, I’m sharing the story of Ethan and I, because we get married on Saturday! Eeek! I will fully admit that I’m writing this post quite a bit in advance, because I don’t know how stressed I will be right now! I’m going to walk you through how Ethan and I met, and our story up until now. Okay, let’s get started!

our love story

Summer 2011

In the Summer of 2011 Ethan and I met working at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden in London, Ontario. It’s a camp for kids and young adults with physical disabilites, and had been an important place to my family for a long time. We went to a different Easter Seals Camps for 10 years, and I knew I wanted to work there as soon as I was old enough. So in 2009, I worked my first summer there.

Ethan was interested in Occupational Therapy, and was introduced to the camp through a family friend. I am SO happy he applied and was hired.

Now I can’t remember exactly the day we met, but it would have been the last week of June which was our training week. I had already been there for a while because I was working on the High Ropes Course (which required additional training), and he was working as a counsellor.our love story

I remember seeing him get out of the car from across the lawn. His hair was brighter than the sun (let me know if you get that Friends reference!), and I said to my friends, “That kid looks like Draco Malfoy!”. I don’t remember actually being introduced, but we started talking throughout the week.

Closer to the end of the week it was our job in groups to decorate the cabins the campers were to stay in to a specific theme. We were in the same group, and our theme was Casino. It was our job to make the coins, Ethan coloured them yellow, I used the glitter glue. I remember thinking, I think I like this guy. At the end of the training week we were assigned our cabins for the same session, and low and behold we are in the same cabin (because of the number of female counsellors they can work in cabins of boy campers, but only female counsellors can work with girl campers). Once we assigned our cabins, I may have asked the head of our cabin if I could be scheduled to work some “shifts” with Ethan. I was, and we talked all the time. and on July 11th, 2011 we were officially a couple!

It happened pretty fast when you think about it (we barely had known each other for two weeks), but at the same time it felt right. For the first time, he actually asked about my sister (who if you don’t know is in a wheelchair). He wanted to know what she liked, and how to communicate with her. Our relationship felt so much different from the start. It was more serious from the start as well. By the end of the summer, we had exchanged “I Love You’s” and had our first real date (which was just going to the mall on a day off).

our love story

Fall 2011- Summer 2013

We were long distance (about 2 hours away from each other) and visited as much as we could. There were many Skype conversations that lasted hours, and we texted all the time! We took trains, buses and anything we needed to get to visit each other! We worked at camp again in the summer of 2012 (after going to Walt Disney World with my family) as my graduation trip!, and it was awesome to see each other every day! I graduated from school and started work full time while Ethan was in his last year of school, so again we visited each other as much as we could!

our love story

our love story

After Ethan graduated from school in 2013, he moved into our basement and looked for work. He ended up working at a different summer camp while I was working full time in the summers of 2013 and 2014.  We went to Walt Disney World for the first time just the two of us in May 2013!

We visited Niagara Falls for our 1 year Anniversary (in 2012), our 3 year anniversary (2014), and before Christmas in 2015. We went back for the first time in a while this past February for Ethan’s Birthday. It’s a special place for us because it reminds me of celebrating one year together!

our love story

2014- 2016

In 2014 we both went back to school, and commuted to our different schools from my house. We were living under the same roof but not in the same room until the beginning of 2015 (I think!). Taking advantage of our last reading week before graduating, of course we went back to Walt Disney World in February 2015!

our love story

We both started working full time in 2015 (I started in April the week after finishing school, Ethan got a job in July), and we’ve been at the same places ever since! This is right around the time this whole blogging thing started! Ethan was actually the one who first brought up the idea!

In October 2016, we bought a house! Then we went to Walt Disney World with both of our families in November, and got engaged!

our love story


Looking back these past two years of wedding planning have gone by so fast, but I’m so happy we’ve had as much time as we do, making sure everything is exactly how we want it!

It’s kind of felt like Ethan and I have been married for a while already, and until our house is finished not much will change, but I can’t wait to be married!

our love story

And on Saturday…

We get married!

our love story

And Ethan, if you are reading this: I’m so lucky to have found you, and I can’t wait to marry you, and live the rest of my life loving you!


I feel like I’ve rambled on enough, but it’s hard to fit the last 7 years into one blog post! I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, but Ethan means so much to me, and has always been there for me. I can’t picture my life without him!

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Thank you so much for joining me today, and for following along the past 3 years!


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