February 12, 2020

Shows on the Disney Dream

Hello all, I hope you are well! Today we are continuing to talk about the Disney Dream, and today we are talking about the you can see while aboard. If you missed last weeks post click here! Okay. let’s get right to it!

Golden Mickey’s

This was the show we saw the first night of our cruise, and it was really cute! It’s an award show that features different Disney characters and musical numbers, and if you are in the lobby before the show starts, you might be in it!

Beauty and the Beast

For our second night we saw Beauty and the Beast, and it was fantastic! If you want to see my “live” reaction, check out this vlog. It’s unique to the Disney Dream, so if you are able to see it I would highly recommend it! This night the theatre was very full, not so much the other nights.

Disney’s Believe

The final show was Disney’s Believe, and it was cute! It tells the story of a father and daughter, and how the father needs to believe in magic. Again, it features a lot of fun Disney characters and musical numbers, and we enjoyed it!

4 night sailing

If you are on a 4-night sailing on the Disney Dream, your 4th show would be either a magician, or comedian. Different sailings have different shows, but the people I’ve spoken to said they enjoyed it!

Movies in the theatre

There’s a movie theatre on board where you can watch some of the newest releases! While we were on board (in Mid-November) the new Maleficent movie was playing as well as the live action Lion King. They rotated and were shown for the duration of our cruise. But it we had been on the cruise a week later, we could have seen Frozen 2 the night it premiered!

Movies on the funnel vision

There’s also Disney movies playing on the FunnelVision (the large screen on the pool deck). check the navigator to see what’s playing, and there are even seasonal movies! We were on a Very Merrytime cruise, so movies like Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas were playing! I loved watching Moana while sitting on a lounge chair on the upper deck!

Other shows

There are lots pf other shows you should see, like the sail away show, the show for pirate night, and even the show the last night as Mickey says See Ya Real Soon! They are cheesy but cute, and it looked like the kids on the cruise enjoyed them!


Disney does entertainment really well, so if you enjoy watching the shows in the parks, you’ll enjoy the shows on the cruise!

If you’d like to hear more about the shows on the Disney Dream, check out the video below!

What is your favourite Disney show? From the parks, cruise, anywhere! Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you so much for joining me today!


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