March 15, 2017

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret! We Bought A House!

Hello friends! If you read my Hello 2017 post, you may have noticed I teased about some news that I had. Well, today is the day! I’m finally spilling the beans! It may also help to explain my recent obsession with HGTV. 🙂 Are you ready?


Ethan and I bought our first house in October! I’m officially an adult now, right? We are so excited even though it feels forever away. It’s a new build, end unit townhouse that *supposed* to be ready in October 2018. We aren’t holding our breath on October, and if it gets pushed back at all, we just get to save more money. Today I’m going to share the floorplans with you, and hopefully along the way I can share more updates! And when we move in, expect a lot of room makeovers, tours, and those sorts of fun things! Can you tell I’m excited? I hope so :).

Before we get into the floorplans, here’s a picture of Ethan and I the day we bought our house, and we think it will be somewhere behind us. That day we actually went to a release of another builder, but it was too expensive so we left that, and decided to check out this builder. Once we saw everything, we decided to buy! There was a cooling off period so if we changed our minds we could get out. It was the most impulsive decision I’ve ever made, but I think it was the right one for us!

Ready for the tour?

I really wanted an end unit just in case there happen to be stairs to the front, so we always have the option of bringing my sister’s wheelchair around the back if it’s easier. Plus, I like the idea of only sharing one wall :). I’ve edited the floorplans to make it as not-confusing as possible, so hopefully it’s not too confusing! We are end unit Elevation B, so the windows would be where they are shown on the right, with the only difference of the bottom right corner. Here’s a look at the main floor:

I really love the open floorplan, and can’t wait to decorate these spaces! I love the formal room, which I think we will use as a sitting room when we first move in, instead of a formal dining room most people might use it for. The stairs are in their own space which I love, and they lead into the formal room. We think we will add a gallery wall on the wall of the stairwell eventually! We could put a Christmas tree in the formal room, or in the family room. I’m happy we have a lot of counter space in the kitchen, and I’ve always wanted a breakfast bar! We would like a fireplace in the family room, but might hold off until after we move in.

Now let’s move upstairs:

I’m going to make the laundry room so pretty! I’m so happy to have it upstairs, it was something I really wanted! I’m so excited to have a walk in closet, and such a big master bedroom! I’d like to get a vanity and keep it in there, maybe a reading chair. And I have a bathtub! I can’t wait to use it. As of right now one bedroom will be a guest bedroom, and the other will be a filming space/workspace for me! 😀 I’m not sure which room will be what, and we probably won’t decide until we at least walk around it.

And the basement:

This space will most likely start as our home gym, because we both like to workout at home and already have a lot of equipment. In the future, we can block storage areas off, and potentially finish a bedroom. After all, Ethan has helped finishing our room and our bathroom, so he knows what’s up :).


We spent a few months looking at different builders in the same area, and like what ours comes with (which others builders had but as upgrades). I feel like it happened very quickly, but at the same time I know we still have time before we move in. Until then, we have a lot of dreaming to do! I’ve had a secret Pinterest board that I’ve just changed to public for you guys to see! There maybe you can get a sense of what looks I might be going for.

Also, if you’ve ever completed a new build home or if you have any suggestions or advice for us, we would love it!

We are so excited to see our house being built from the ground up, and I hope you guys will enjoy coming along with us! I hope to share more when we pick our upgrades and finishes, and hopefully have some building progress pictures eventually!


Thank you so much for reading!





  1. Suzanne LeValley says

    Now you’re talking my language! Love home decor, and can’t wait to visit you in your very own home.

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