August 21, 2019

My Filming Setup

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! In today’s blog post I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing my filming setup! Because this is easier to show you than to write, I’ll give a brief explanation before the video! I’m also linking all of the equipment I’m using below. Okay, let’s jump in!

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My filming setup has gotten a lot easier in the last few months! Previously I used two umbrella lights on either side of the camera, a tripod for the camera tethered to my laptop (so I could see what the camera sees), and a table for the laptop. It was precarious and not precise. Depending on the light behind me (coming from the window) I would sometimes put them both to one side to balance.

Now, the ring light I use has a tripod built in for my camera, and the ring light is so bright that it’s all I need in the front! I could probably use an umbrella light behind me, but the window does a good job. I’ve also been using my Canon g7x for filming and because it has a screen that flips up it eliminated the need for the extra table and laptop. It’s been working for me!

If you are looking for some lights, I would really recommend a ring light. I used to not like them because of the ring reflection in your eyes (and you can’t wear glasses without getting the glare), but it actually makes things SO much easier and faster. I tend to film in batches because it’s a lot to set up, but now with the ring light it’s super fast. The one I have is an inexpensive one off of Amazon, and you can definitely find more expensive options if you want to invest more.



Canon g7x Mark II (I have the mark I)
Ring Light Kit
Umbrella Lights
DJI Osmo Pocket
Sony A7II


You can see my entire filming setup in the video below:


Do you like seeing behind the scenes posts? Anything else you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below!


As you can tell by the length of the post and the length of the video there isn’t much else to say. But I’ve found something that’s easier and I think does a better job, so I wanted to share!


Thank you for reading!


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