July 29, 2020

Should You Visit Walt Disney World in 2020? My Opinion

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! 2020’s had a lot going on so far, so today I’m answering an important question. Should you visit to Walt Disney World in 2020? I’m going to share my opinion on the subject, as well as some reasons why I feel that way. Okay, I won’t make you wait any longer…

should you visit Walt Disney World in 2020?

Should you visit Walt Disney World in 2020?

In a word? NO. I don’t think you should visit Walt Disney World in 2020. And here’s a few reasons why:


My Family Situation

My sister is in the at risk category, so I won’t be visiting Walt Disney World anytime soon. We were originally supposed to visit in May, and have now rescheduled that trip twice. I don’t want to do anything that would put her at risk, so I’m taking everything very seriously. I am also a very cautious person, but that’s just me!


Some discounts are starting to be released, but for the most part you are paying the same price for a lesser experience. And as much as I love Disney, I don’t get to go all the time. So I wouldn’t pay the same amount for less to be available. If you just want the magic of Disney, and are okay paying the same amount for it, go for it!

Masks. In FLORIDA.

Only masks are allowed in the Disney parks. No bandanas or gaitors, they must have ear loops, and they cannot have vents. And it’s July. I work all day wearing a mask in air conditioning and am hot, so wearing a mask in Florida is not appealing. Just a few days ago Disney started posting signs that you must remain stationary while eating or drinking with your mask off because people were using it as a loophole. I just can’t imagine wearing a mask all day in that heat and humidity. There are relaxation spots where you can physical distance while not wearing your mask, but having to do that just doesn’t sound fun to me.

Dining reservations.

A few months ago Disney announced that they were cancelling all dining reservations for 2020. Things have changed now, but still not all restaurants are open. If you have your heart set on eating at certain restaurants, I’d wait to visit Walt Disney World. Right now you can make dining reservations 60 days in advance (just like you would at Disneyland).

My 5 Favourite Resort Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Not all attractions/ shows/ fireworks/ parades

If you love fireworks, you won’t be seeing them at Walt Disney World right now. Some other show like attractions (Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Enchanted Tales With Belle, Disney Junior Dance Party) are not operating because of the ability to space out guests. There are also no parades. There are random character cavalcades throughout the day so you can see characters, but not up close, and no character meet and greets right now.

Also, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party will not be running this year. We rescheduled our May 2020 trip to October (we have since pushed it back again to 2021). If I’m going in October, I’m going to the Halloween Party! So it’s just another thing that isn’t available this year.

In addition to things in the parks not being open, not all Walt Disney World Resorts are open. Guests are being moved and upgraded in some cases, but check to see if the resort you want is open now/ or would be open if you are planning on visiting.

It will still be there next year.

Disney is a massive business. It’s not going to go out of business anytime soon. While they are suffering because Disneyland is still closed and they don’t have movies coming out, sports on or tv shows, they will still be there next year. I hope things look very different next year, so I’m willing to wait before I visit Walt Disney World again.


Winter at Walt Disney World

Where things stand right now:

  • 60 day dining window
  • park pass (reservation) required- mobile check in
  • 2020 ticket and resort packages resumed

If you’re thinking of going in 2021, I would try to make some plans. If you are visiting before September 26th 2021, you will require a park reservation to enter any of the parks, as of right now. Of course this could change, but if you want to go you should make sure you can get in to the parks! You do have to have valid park tickets to book a park pass.


Who I think could visit the parks this year

  • locals
  • someone close enough to drive
  • someone who just wants to experience the magic of Disney and doesn’t mind the lesser experience
  • someone who is not in close contact with ANYONE in the at risk category

If you’d like to hear me talk more about why I don’t think you should visit Walt Disney World this year, check out the video below!


Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you for reading!


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