May 13, 2020

We got a puppy!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we were originally supposed to be in Walt Disney World this past week. Well, that trip has been rescheduled (fingers crossed!), and house hunting hasn’t been going all that well given everything going on. So, we needed something to focus on and look forward to during this weird time. So we got a puppy!


We always knew that we wanted a dog, but we were originally going to wait until we were in a house with a year. I don’t know when that would have been with the townhouse we originally bought, but now because we are looking at resale houses most of them have fenced yards. And, we are both working from home right now so it felt like the perfect time! We made the decision on April 1st, so you can bet I was counting down the days!

We picked her up on Saturday, and I decided to vlog the weekend, so check the vlog out below!

We are so excited to finally have her home with us, and we know what will be keeping us busy for the next while! I hope you enjoyed this little life update during all of this craziness!

Thank you for joining me today!




  1. Yay!! Hope to meet her one day!! xo

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